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Friday, January 5, 2007

Jersey City Parking Zone Map

Parking in Jersey City is increasingly in short supply. Monday through Friday, to thwart out of city commuters from using Jersey City streets as a park and ride, most streets fall under resident permit zones. Resident permits are available from the Jersey City Parking Authority to residents with proper identification.

Most of the zones limit vehicles without permits to 2 hours, after which vehicles without resident permits, or the wrong permit for the particular street are subject to tickets, towing and the dreaded boot. Parking permits have nothing to do with street cleaning or emergency snow routes and vehicles with permits may still be ticketed or towed for these offenses. Read all signs carefully.

Disclaimer: This map is intended as an informal guide, not an absolute street index. Drivers should read all signs before parking. We are not responsible for any parking ticket you receive. Streets without a zone label on this map generally prohibit parking. There maybe a few "sweet spots" around the city that have neither zone requirements nor parking restrictions. But if we knew about them, we certainly wouldn't tell you.


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

2007 Anticipated Construction

Predictions of new construction for 2007 in Jersey City:

1. The Majestic II
2. Columbus Corner
3. Gulls Cove II
4. Metropolis Towers
5. 217 Newark Avenue
6. 361 Newark Avenue
7. Morgan Point
8. Aqua
9. The Ellipse
10 & 11. Grover Cleveland and Ulysses S. Grant
12. The Metropolitan
13. & 14. San Remo & Monaco
15. Harborside 4
16. Second Street
17. Manischewitz Site
18. Van Leer Chocolate Factory
20. Belfuse


Monday, December 18, 2006

Metropolis Towers Future Configuration

There has been much speculation over what is being built, what has been proposed, and what is just rumor over at the Metropolis Towers ever since demolition of the low-rise retail strip connecting the two existing towers began a few weeks back.

Emporis, the internet treasure trove of skyscraper information, lists three phases of construction. Referencing architectural renderings from DMR Architects, we created a map of the future expansion. The maps are speculative. By no means is it certain that this is the final site plan, if and when any part of this complex is built. Directly below is a map of the current configuration. Below that a map of the future expansion.

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Newport Residences Proposed and Under Construction

While the proposed Aqua and Ellipse may not break ground for a few months or even years, that shouldn't keep you from knowing where these new towers are going. And just in case you don't get out to Newport much, we've included the Shore Club, currently under construction, as well as the existing towers.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Newark Avenue Shopping Guide

1 Pinos Pizza <br />2 unisex salon 3 Chinese restaurant  4 chiropractor  5 Brennon’s Florist 6 American Home Realty 7 grocery  8 Sovereign Bank 9 tattoo parlor  10 veterinarian  11 International Style Salon 12 Hollywood Fried Chicken 13 Its Greek to Me 14 North Fork Bank 15 Rickies Hair  16 Village Tropical  17 Saigon Café  18 Bank of America  19 Super Discount 20 deli, grocer 21 Chinese restaurant  22 Helen’s Ice Cream 23 Helen’s  Pizza  24 Top Fasion  25 Mr. Gusto Spanish Food  26 My Way Grocery 27 liquor store<br />28 World Style Vintage 29 Fruit Market Grocery 30 Washington Mutual  31 bodega 32 National Discount Store 33 99 Cent Dream 34 Morlees Men’s Shop 35 36 deli 37 Milano Furniture  38 Sleep Cheap 39 CH Martin 40 Gold Coast Gym 41 wireless center 42 BBB Department Store 43 Downtown Hardware 44 Value-Plus 45 Jersey City Taekwondo 46 The Spot Electronics 47 LITM Lounge 48 grocery 49 Synergy Gym 50 Tortillos Grill 51 Sharon Nails 52 99 Cent SuperStore 53 HR Block  54 Golden Dry Cleaners 55 Hudson Camera 60 Dunkin Donuts 61 grocery 62 McDonalds 63 Avalon Realty 64 deli, grocery 65  Jemma Loan Co. 66 Bank of America 67 Nory’s Hair Salon 68 1st Second Mortgage Company 69 Galleria Hudson art and frame 70 Personal Touch Salon 71 salon 72 Nail Tek


Friday, December 8, 2006

Downtown Construction Map

Downtown Jersey City with construction projects labeled (See list below).

Map of Downtown Jersey City with Construction Projects Labeled

1. Libert Harbor North
2. Gulls Cove
3. K Hovanian at Paulus Hook
4. Liberty Pointe
5. Grandview
6. 77 Hudson
7. 99 Mongtomgery Street
8. Montgomery Greene
9. Metropolis Towers
10. Grove Pointe
11. Columbus Tower
12. Washington Commons
13. Trump Towers
14. Powerhouse
15. 111 First Street
16. The Hudson
17. Harbor Lights, Waldo Lofts
18. Athena
19. Westin Hotel
20. Shore Club
22. St. Francis / Hamilton Square
23. Schroeder Lofts
24. 833 Jersey Ave


Friday, December 1, 2006

Jersey Avenue Shopping Guide

Business director for Jersey Avenue, Jersey City including restaurants, bars, services, boutiques

10 Brownstoner Diner 11 Carry Pharmacy 12 Bubby’s Burritos  13 Main Library  14 Willie’s Liquors  15 Woof N’ Wash Pet Salon   16 Portfolio Inc   17 Del Forno Realtor   18 Icon Hair Salon<br />19 Esperanto Pizza  20 Norman’s Pharmacy  22 Subia’s Market  23 Kady’s Salon  24 Antiques   25 electronics  26 Shoe Fetish  27 Sushi Tango  28 Big Chef  29 bagel / deli  30 Carolina’s Laundromat   31 Nicole’s Restaurant   32 Feed Your Soul cookies 33 Lee Fish Market  34 Imagine Atrium books  35 Sweet Priscilla  36 Meat Market  37 Bob’s Shoe Repair  38 travel agent  39 Galleria Hudson art and frames  40 1st 2nd Mortgage Co.  41 Nory’s Hair Salon  42 Village Tropical   43 North Fork Bank  44 Its Greek To Me  45 Hollywood Chicken  46 Ricky’s Hair Salon  47 Jemma Loan Co.  48 Saigon Cafe  49 Bank of America  50 discount store  51 deli, grocer


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Grove Street Shopping Guide

12 Dunkin Donuts, 13 grocery, bodega, 14 McDonalds, 15 Avalon Realty, 16 deli, 17 Grove Art and Photo Frame, 18 Maxmillian Boutique, 19 Grove Cafe, 20 Hard Grove, 21 Subway, 22 Grove Florist, 23 GNC Pharmacy, 24 Stella's Pizza, 25 Wild Fusion, 26 A-1 Deli, 27 Continental Grocery, 28 Alm Electronics, 29 Mashallah Grocery, 30 laundromat, 31 Star Bar, 32 cafe, 33 Remax, 34 Boyne Realty, 35 Century 21, 36 Friendly Cleaners, 37 Ibby's Falafel, 38 Aspasia's Boutique, 39 Prudential Realty, 40 Sanitary Cleaners, 41 locksmith, 42 Shadman Restuarant, 43 accupunture, 44 xPress Cuts, 45 Beachwood Market, 46 Marco & Peppe, 47 Beachwood Cafe, 48 Medina, 49 bodega, Ricky's Video, 50 nJoyable Salon, 51 Rachel, 52 Tia's, women's fashion, 53 The Merchant, 54 The Majestic, 56 Weichert Realty, 57 City Hall / City Hall Park, 55 Antheia Florist, 58 On the Inside, home decor, 59 bodega, 60 Meat Market, 61 Cyn Ful Treasures, 62 Taqueria Downtown

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Transit Overlay Map

The Port Authority PATH system runs 24 hours a day connecting Jersey City and Hoboken with Manhattan. The Hudson Light Rail is operated by New Jersey Transit and is turned off at night.

PATH system is in shades of Purple, Light Rail in shades of Blue, and Heavy Rail in shades of Green. (See Key at buttom for Specific Information). Where applicable, MTA Subways are listed alongside the PATH Station.


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