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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Valentine's Day Comes to Lucky 7 / NBC's Mercy

Yesterday. the cast of NBC's Mercy were again busy filming on the streets of Jersey City. Abbey's Pub was dressed up as a restaurant for the shoot, while the characters' favorite hang out, Lucky 7, was done up for Valentine's Day:

It would seem also that Valentine's Day is going to be a bloody one. A motorcade of Jersey City emergency vehicles including police and ambulances from Liberty Medical Center were circling around Second Street in front of the Lucky 7 Tavern for the shoot.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Monaco Towers Popping Up

The form of the double towers is taking shape above the shared parking deck. Along that base, there is some brick facade already installed. This week a worker fell from a scaffold, about 4 feet when a board broke.


The Graphic Guide to Riding the PATH

Comic book artist blog The Glass Urchin has put together a visual Guide to Riding the PATH, just in case words are too difficult to understand.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Patch Invades Hoboken, Promises Better Coverage of Beer Specials, Beer Pong Scores

Patch, the hyper local news startup turned corporate arm of AOL has launchedHoboken Patch, a Hoboken version of the site meant to compete with local newspapers and blogs while turning a profit. Patch launched in suburban New Jersey markets in February of last year and has spread faster than the virus in the Dustin Hoffman film Outbreak.

The launch of the site could spell trouble for Jersey Journal blog Hoboken Now and independent blogger Hoboken 411 with both sites competing for the local business ad dollars that fuels Patch. Hoboken411 has made notable contributions with breaking stories from city hall while Hoboken Now has the backing and resources of the Jersey Journal behind it. Patch Editor Claire Moses was poached from the Journal late last year.


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