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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Curbed Raising Capital For Expansion

The Times reports that New York real estate blog has obtained $1.5 million in an effort to expand its real estate blogging empire. Meanwhile, has raise $15 for beer.


Port Authority Set to Raise PATH Fares

The Journal reports Port Authority officials are considering a fare hike as high as 50 cents for the PATH-- to be announced after Tuesday's legislative election. Officials at the bi-state agency are considering hikes from 25 to 50 cents, with the latter increase bringing the current $1.50 fare up to the same price as riding New York's larger, more convenient subway system.

It should come as no surprise the bi-state agency is looking to hike fares-- after all, the Port Authority is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on construction at the World Trade Center site. That's in New York, of course, even though half of the Port Authority is New Jersey's. While PATH riders might be gaining a fancy new station at Ground Zero-- which by the way, has seen its original design scaled down to cut costs-- PATH riders also are enduring service delays and interruptions while the agency rebuilds at the site. The unbearable weekend and late night schedules are in part due to "on going construction at the World Trade Center site."

In fairness, the Port Authority did announce last week a plan to upgrade the PATH signal system, which would boost peak capacity by about 10,000 riders-- sometime in 2014. Yet this is unlikely to satiate demand for rush hour services. Not only in Jersey City is residential construction still booming, but Harrison Commons, adjacent to the Harrison PATH Station broke ground two weeks ago on the first of 3,000 housing units. Plans for an additional 3,000 units in downtown Newark, blocks from the PATH at Penn Station, will only compound the issue. Meanwhile, in Jersey City alone, over the next seven years as the Port Authority takes their time upgrading the signal system, new development would likely see the realization of up to 10,000 units of approved and proposed housing.

Fare hikes can still be vetoed by either the governor of New York or New Jersey-- but somehow we doubt Corzine, even though he ostensibly lives in Hoboken, won't think too much of a 50 cent hike in PATH fares.


The Embankment Comes to Schroeder Lofts

Tenth Street condominium building Schroeder Lofts is pretty much completed except for a small retail space on the corner of Erie. It seems this space will soon be The Embankment bar, lounge and restaurant. The Embankment will likely be similar to The Merchant, a Grove Street bar and restaurant by the same folks. The Embankment is one block east of neighborhood bar Hamilton Park Ale House.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

When Skyscrapers Attack

Construction materials from the Hoboken W Hotel fell and struck a car, according to a post on JCList, and later picked on by Hoboken Now. We have photos of the tower from September available Here.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Aqua Photos

New to the constructionporn scene is the Jersey City Construction blog. Having sneaked past the rent-a-cops in Newport, the JC Construction blog brings us photos of the now 26 story Aqua building, as well as some shots of the elephant statues in front of the Shore Club.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

PATH to Boost Capacity by 20%, Or Roughly Not Nearly Enough to Meet Demand

The Port Authority announced by press release a $500 Million upgrade to the 40 year old signal system which promises to increase the number of peak trains. Along with new cars being phased in starting next year, the upgrade would improve capacity above the 50,000 passengers per hour at current peak levels. Even without delays to construction, relief is still seven years away.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bits & Briefs

Arson to Blame
It seems the fire at 77 Hudson Street might in fact have been suspicious.

The big clock by the river
Colgate Clock gets some love from the Jersey City Reporter.

Cook hit 40 bags of Cocaine
If you've been wondering why downtown bar Lucky 7's hasn't been as fun lately, it might have something to do with the fact that they aren't dealing drugs there anymore.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Newport: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The Lefrak family may have built working class digs in Queens, but the LeFraks, after restoring the upper case F are focusing on luxury markets like Newport, reports the NY Times.

But more interesting is LeFrak's aversion to debt; "There is little or no debt on the family’s holdings: 22 million square feet of residential property, the equivalent of about 25,000 apartments, and 12 million square feet of office space." All this means that the slow and steady pace of Newport will continue regardless of the credit available to other builders in the area.


High Rise Construction Burning

Bloomberg radio reports York Street is closed between Warren and Hudson due to a fire at a highrise construction project-- 77 Hudson most likely candidate.



Video, News Story

More Photos

JCLIst Thread

More Photos on Wired Forums

News Coverage
Fire Not Suspicious
Update on the status of 77 Hudson
High-rise fire was at 70 Greene St. portion
Towering Inferno
Major Jersey City Fire breaks out on waterfront
Jersey City rental tower burns


Saturday, October 06, 2007

Journal Square Revealed

The 645 foot tower coming to Journal Square just got a little bit more real with new renderings unveiled. The double tower design is no longer symmetrical in height, as amended earlier this year. The second tower will be approximately 468 feet. The renderings show an iconic structure overlooking downtown Jersey City and lower Manhattan. The image is available thanks to the diligence of Tim Bal.


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