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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jersey City to Get Bookstore

Jersey City is about to get itself a bookstore. Normally the comings and goings of retail establishments are not exactly worthy of their own blog entry, but this is a bookstore after all, and when it comes down to it, we're bibliophiles through and through.

Imagine Atrium Books And Gifts is presently covered over in newspapers as they prepare to open. And, according to a sign on their front windows, the store intends to open December 8th.

Furthermore, according to a post on JCList, it seems the new bookstore is also looking for interesting folks to help run the place, and we like how the ad reads. Accordingly, applicants must "Have a demonstrated interest or background in books, particularly in any of the following areas (the more the better): fantasy, science fiction, graphic novels, imaginative fiction, science and technology, and health & wellness non-fiction." We're hoping this includes a bit of actual literary fiction too.

And, and of course, their soon to be website

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Oh, and Hoboken Too.

Recently we've been a little heavy on Jersey City and a little light on Hoboken. We make no apologies. But we will point out a few interesting things we've found through the power of google. First, Hoboken411 has some interesting bits about the W Hotel and the preponderance of new banks.

Meanwhile, its probably likely that you've heard of the Dog Association and the Park Association, but did you know there was also a Dart Players Association? Probably not.

Also, we found another Hoboken related website that we would have considered linking too had it not been for some interesting emails they sent to local area blogger MisterSnitch!

In either case Hobokenites, we hope this holds you over until we find the time, or the inclination to get our wee little camera north of 14th Street.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Shore At Newport

The Newest addition to the Newport skyline is the Shore Club. Area residents may soon learn that glass towers are just as opaque as the brick kind, but ruined views aside, these twins are looking pretty good.

And for those of you looking for a glimpse of the tower but don't actually want to go to Newport, we've got more photos right here.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Grove Street Shopping Guide

Just in time for the holidays, the first of our shopping district series is now online: Grove Street.

The map tacks south from the PATH station and includes shops and stores one block east or west of Grove.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Eye Candy

So maybe you've been a little confused about how to connect to a subway in Manhattan. Maybe you've been curious about just exactly the mythical Light Rail line goes. Well we've culled information from the Port Authority and the MTA and New Jersey Transit and built the map that they coudn't: The revised New York's Sixth Transit Overlay Map.

And one more thing. You'll notice this revised map has a really long URL. That's because we've posted it on our new Photo Blog we're we'll post all sorts of constructionporn and any oversized pictures that would otherwise screw the ol' layout.

Oh, and another thing too: We're now using labels to categorize all the nifty posts, just like the pros.

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Sixth Street Condos

While we're still waiting to find out the fate of the embankment, a small construction project is now offering up condos. 204 Sixth Street is just a few blocks from Hamilton park, but with killer views of an old elevated rail line with a fate yet to be decided, who wouldn't want to live two blocks from the mall?

More Photos
Realtors Site

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Columbus Corner

Earlier this summer, plans for Columbus Corner, a mid sized project on Christopher Columbus drive were announced. Located just one block from the Grove Street Path entrance as well as the Grove Pointe tower still under construction, the empty lots and dilapidated buildings along Columbus Drive have been in need of an overhaul for quite a while.

JCVibe has a few pictures of what the propsal has called for. The key feature is the rahabilitation of two existing structures as well as the construction on the parking lots and vacant land along Barrow Street and Columbus Drive.

Below, the parking lot is to the left of the goldenrod brick tower that would be incorporated into the final complex.

On the corner of Barrow and Wayne Streets, the southern corner of the project is to incorporate the victorian error home within the project. The historical house though has clearly been buried beneath years of mismanaged additions.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

That Montgomery Street Condo

We've been following the progress of a little Montgomery Street condo project.

The whole thing has been taking well near two years. But now the place has been bricked over after a hiatus almost as long as our own. The project seems to be headed for finished-ville with doors, steps and fresh sidewalks having been installed.

We've also taken notice to the fact that they recently resurfaced the sidewalks, and it seems they forgot to include a curb-cut. Either the little alley the contractor's construction van is parked in will be a garden, or the new owners are going to need a hummer to pull into their parking space.

More Photos


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Grand Street Construction Benefits from Liberty Harbor

Some soon to be completed condos along Grand Street seem to be taking advantage of their proximity to the Liberty Harbor North Development. We've been watching as the entire Grand Street's aging housing stock is stripped away and replaced.

This is the second set of modern row houses to go up along Street. In addition, a lot bound by Grand, Barrow, and Bright has recently been excavated. We suspect we'll be seeing a good number more of these.

More Photos

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Liberty Harbor North Construction

The Liberty Harbor North is beginning to take shape. Many of the facades facing Grand Street have been installed and the streetscape is now being defined.

The entire complex has been designed to blend directly in with the historical neighborhood immediately to the north. One block in the development will be mid-rise towers, seen below.

More, larger photos of the complex are available at the New York's Sixth PhotoBLog.


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