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Monday, April 2, 2007

Liberty Harbor North

Liberty Harbor North in Jersey City, New Jersey, is a new urbanist community being built adjacent to the historic downtown and within sight of lower Manhattan

Two of the larger buildings in the complex, the Sutton and the Lofts, are finally coming together.

The Sutton and the Lofts at Liberty Harbor are just two of several larger buildings planned for the first phase of the planned community

Detail work such as the railing have been added to the town homes as of late:

Liberty Harbor will offer a mix of full service buildings and individual town house units

Liberty Harbor at Grand Street:

At Grand Street and Liberty View Terrace, which connects to Barrow Street.

Liberty Harbor North extends the cities existing grid, though the new streets have different names then their existing corresponding roads

The Sutton and the Lofts are visible at the end of the street:

The row houses at Liberty View Terrace:

Liberty Harbor mixes styles, playing on Jersey City's Art Deco pat

The Grand Street facade of several brownstone style houses:

The backsides of the Sutton and the Lofts are visible at the end of the street:

Historic Buildings incorporated into the new construction:

More brickwork continues on row houses on the eastern end of the Grand Street facades:



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