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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Gulls Cove

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Gulls Cove, south facade:

Gulls Cove in Jersey City is a new condominium tower rising from the south end of the Liberty Harbor North Development

The north facade of Gulls Cove from Grand Street:

From the Marin Blvd. Light Rail Station, the south facade of Gulls Cove:

Gulls Cove in Jersey city is located across the street from the Marin Blvd Light Rail Station providing easy access to the downtown waterfront

When completed, Gulls Cove will have a street between it and the light rail station. In the distance, the Liberty Harbor North Lofts building:

The north side of Gulls Cove will also have a new street. In the distance is Liberty Harbor North's Sutton Building.

The north facing facade along Marin Blvd.



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