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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Athena Tower

The western facade of the Athena tower with plenty of glass installed. The building maintains a number of geometric elements which contribute to an elegant look. Here, a close up of the glass windows:

Athena condo tower in Jersey city with glass windows installed

A wider angle of the same shot from Second Street:

The Athena Tower from Second Street in Jersey City

The profile of the tower from the south side on Washington Street reveals a slender profile.

From the corner of Washington and Second Street. The Light rail line runs close to the base of the Athena tower.

Parking levels of on the base of the tower:

The Athena tower provides a large parking garage at the base along Washington Blvd in Jersey city

Looking up at the tower from street level:

The north east corner of the tower:

A crane lifts materials to the top of the Athena Tower in Jersey City



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