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Stockinette Cafe

The stockingnette cafe in downtown Jersey City

Fine baked goods, knitting classes, knitting supplies, and coffee.

Stockinette Cafe
581 Jersey Avenue
Jersey and Third

The exterior during renovations of the space.

Stockinette Knitting Cafe in downtown Jersey City

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La Rustique

La Rustique Pizzeria in downtown Jersey City

La Rustique offers high end brick oven pizza and a small Italian cafe menu. The thin crust pizza is fairly unique in the downtown, baked with sauce on top of the cheese. The Jersey Avenue store front offers cafe seating while take out service is offered from the kitchen on Fifth Street. This location replaces the Paulus Hook location.

611 Jersey Avenue

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Lucky Laundromat

Several oversized washers; wash and fold service.

577 Jersey Avenue

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Buy and Save Liquor

Decent selection of wine and whiskey; a number of imported beer; a little expensive.

32 Coles Street

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Carnival Cleaners

They claim on site dry cleaning, but many suspect they actually ship out; apathetic customer service and unwillingness to meet customer needs makes us go elsewhere.

609 Jersey Avenue

Carnival Cleaners in downtown Jersey City

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Grove Laundromat

367 Grove Street

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Lee's Food Market

Second and Brunswick
117 Brunswick

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Hala Vintage

326 5th Street

Hala Vintage on MySpace

Hala Vintage in downtown Jersey City

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The Avanti Group

Sales and rentals

551 Jersey Ave

The Avanti Group

The Avanti Group, a real estate agency in downtown Jersey City

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Armagno Agency

Sales and rentals.

553 Jersey Avenue

Armagno Agency

Armagno Real Estate in downtown Jersey City

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Harsimus Cove Neighborhood & Historic District

Harsimus Cove is a small neighborhood between Newark Avenue and Hamilton Park as well as a historic preservation district. Harsimus Cove is also an official light rail station between the Harborside Financial Center and the Exchange Place stops, however the station is several blocks east of the historic district. The neighborhood consists primarily of brownstones though outside of the historic district on both the eastern and western sides of the neighborhood, less elegant post-war housing has been built.

The neighborhood is in close proximity to the Grove Street PATH station as well as the Metro Plaza grocery store. Additionally, the Powerhouse Arts District abuts against the neighborhood.

The northern boundary of the neighborhood is the Sixth Street Embankment, formerly an elevated railroad track that connected the waterfront with mainland New Jersey. The embankment recently passed into the hands of private developers but local residents are advocating the construction of either a “high-line” elevated park or the removal of the embankment with a street level park.

Like many of the historic neighborhoods, Harsimus Cove has an association consisting of local residents.

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Rosa Carnen Bakery

37 Coles Street

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Philippine Plaza

A memorial to Philippine-American Veterans
Second Street at Manila Avenue

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Lucky 7

322 Second Street

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Manhattan Florist

363 Grove Street

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Elcan Realty

Local realtor serving Hudson County.

93 Erie Street
Elcan Realty

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A mix of art and hair.

18 Erie Street

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Expired milk and warm refrigeration has gotten this store shut down by the health department in the past. New management has taken over and seems to be cleaning up the place, but has lead to labor disputes with unionized workers.

574 Jersey Avenue

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Erie Street Police Station


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