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Thai cuisine in downtown Jersey City; outdoor patio, sushi.

281 Grove Street

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Atomic Wings

Atomic Wings on Newark Avenue in downtown Jersey City

Featuring hot wings and chicken sandwiches.

172 Newark Avenue
Atomic Wings

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Pizza Alla Gargiulo

Pizza All Gargiulo in downtown Jersey City

101 Greene St

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Varick Deli

108 Bright Street

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Typical Chilis chain restaurant; like every other Chilis Restaurant in America.

425 Washington Blvd.

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Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill

Typical chain restaurant serving up typical chain restaurant food.

286 Washington Street

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South City Grill

Seafood on the "Town Square" in Newport.

70 Pavonia Avenue

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Cafe Spice

Indian Bistro; regional chain with locations in New York and Philadelphia.

545 Washintong Blvd.
Cafe Spice

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Fat Burger

Upscale fast food joint specializing in burgers.

286 Washington Street

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Au Bon Pain

Au Bon Pain in downtown Jersey City

National chain cafe serving sandwiches, coffee, pastries; open weekdays only, catering to the business crowd. Closed on weekends.

101 Hudson Street

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Only poor management would run out of eggs at nine in the morning on a Saturday. We love Cosi and thought we'd love this branch. But we don't.

545 Washington Boulevard

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Its Greek To Me

Quality Greek style food-- gyros, Greek Salad, ect.-- but prices at the family owned chains first Jersey City store are a little, particularly compared to the suburban stores.

194 Newark Avenue

Its Greek To Me on the corner of Newark Avenue and Jersey Avenue in downtown Jersey City serves up traditional Greek dishes like gyros

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Brownstoner Diner

Typical diner food. The staff is rude, the food is greasy, and apparently for a while leaving a tip on a credit card was a problem. Small parking lot fills up quickly, often a line. Best diner in Jersey City.

426 Jersey Avenue

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La Conguita

Family owned Cuban bistro. Strong coffee. New York Times did a write up.

351 Grove Street

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Hard Grove Cafe

Classic Cuban food meets American Bistro. Large glasses of house wine are served alongside plantains. Full dinners and sandwiches. Rich, bold coffee comes with breakfast.

319 Grove St

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