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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

77 Hudson Street

Glass is now being installed on the rental tower too:


Westin Hotel


Hamilton Square Looking Sharp

The facade along McWilliam's place is a stark improvement over the dark brick fortress of the old hospital.

Detail work on the main tower:

A broad overview of the site from 8th Street:

Along McWilliam's Place looking north towards 9th street, the renovated tower and a new low rise section:

The corner of 9th street is shorter in height, and the upper floors are set back:

One of the oldest buildings on site has new windows installed:

Along Erie Street, old meets new:

From Erie Street looking west:


Monday, March 17, 2008

Trump Tower

The section of the tower where the crane was attached is beginning to get brickwork, starting at the base.

Along Morgan Street, the low rise base of the future tower appears naked without the higher components.

The parking deck is half built.

Along bay street, intimidating garage doors dominate the street:

Vents along Washington Street; the tower fails to integrate into the neighborhood without windows, doors or signs of life along Washington Street.


Ivy House

Ivy House in downtown Jersey City


Facade Goes Up On 296 Grand

The brick going on the building so far is a gray color similar to the concrete blocks:

It looks as though the back of the building will have small terraces.

Not much has happened on the front of the building yet:


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Building 3 at Liberty Harbor North

Crystal Pointe


Pilings Nailed at 272 Newark Avenue

Wooden pilings fro a project at 272 Newark Avenue have been pounded into the ground and then trimmed.


Concrete Poured at 213 Newark Avenue

213 Newark Avenue, a 6 story residential building with a retail base, continues to progress despite last month's union protest. This week the southern foundations were poured.


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