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Monday, January 21, 2008

369 Fifth Street

It appeared utility work was being done today outside of 369 Fifth Street. Luckily for the workers inside, it appears the building has all its windows installed.

It appears units in the back of the building will have small balconies; a nice feature assuming the lot on Newark Avenue is never developed.


213 Newark Avenue Gets Pilings

Crescent Court

Little progress appears to have been made at the site since last we checked in. This may simply be the result of buried pilings invisible from our point of view. In addition, it seems work crews were absent in observance of Martin Luther King Day, unlike other sites around the city.


Ivy House

Ivy House, at 154 Steuben Street

Ivy House is a small development in the Powerhouse Arts District under construction by Tree Top Development


Sunday, January 20, 2008


As part of the development approval, the Athena Group agreed to construct a public park behind the tower.

Street level at Washington Blvd


Westin Hotel Tower

North of the tower is the reception and amenities low rise section of the hotel.


Hamilton Square

Erie Street Looking North:

Hamilton Square, a condominium project adjacent to Hamilton Park in downtown Jersey City

From Erie Street; on the left the main tower of the old hospital, center, a new steel frame, and on the right, refurbished historic wing.

The complex from Hamilton Park:

Erie and 9th:

When the complex was a hospital, this was the 9th street ambulance entrance:

McWilliams Place, directly east of Hamilton Park:

Glass has been installed on the main tower's south facade:


Monday, January 7, 2008

Trump Tower

Trump Tower from Steuben and Warren Streets:

Half a parking deck awaits the second tower:

The southwest corner on Washington Street:


77 Hudson Street

From Greene Street, the rental tower which caught fire at the end of last year:

Hudson Street looking North:

The condominium tower rising along Hudson Street:


Lofts at Liberty Harbor

The Lofts, the first rental tower in Liberty Harbor North as seen from Marin Blvd, along the northern facade of Gulls Cove:

The Lofts rental tower in Liberty Harbor North

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Ivy House

This smaller development from Tree Top and Fields, continues at a quick pace.

Ivy House, 154 Steuben Street, in downtown Jersey City

A closeup of the brick facade:


369 Fifth Street

296 Grand Street


213 Newark Avenue

213 Newark Avenue is currently being excavated and pilings are being driven into the ground.

Pilings for a six story residential project on Newark Avenue are currently being nailed into the ground

In the background left, the western wall of the North Fork Bank which since on the corner of Jersey Avenue and Newark Avenue. Maxwell Street, essentially an alley, separates 213 Newark Avenue from the other buildings in the background which face Columbus Blvd.

From the parking lot of the North Fork Bank, looking west:


Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gulls Cove

Below, the foundation for the low rise portion:


Crystal Pointe



Newport's Aqua rental tower looking north from Second Street.

Aqua under construction, looking north from Second Street.


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