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Friday, July 13, 2007

Hamilton Square

One of the new buildings, in fill around the existing former hospital structures, is getting its framing:


Trump Tower Jersey City

Trump's parking garage:

The Washington Street Facade is mostly utility access and ventilation. This is an unfortunate design flaw considering Washington Street is a main artery between Newport and Paulus Hook, better suited to retail:


Gulls Cove

Looking west from the front of Gulls Cove towards the Liberty Harbor Lofts tower:

The north facade of the tower:


77 Hudson Street Towers

77 Hudson is the double residential tower under construction on the waterfront.

Along Greene Street, the facade will not be a completely squared off box; the undulating facade is visible below:

The low rise office tower just east of 77 Hudson will probably allow for views above the 13th or 14th floor of the tower:


Athena Condomium Tower

Some of the balconies are being installed:

From Washington Street in Front of the Trump Building looking North.


Westin Hotel Tower


Newport Shore North Tower

This will likely be the last update of Newport's Shore Club since Newport's rent-a-cops sent us away claiming the street was private property and photography was prohibited. The nuances of private, public, and semi-public property are no doubt lost on minimum wage GED holders in uniforms, and arguing really isn't worth our aggravation considering the multitude of other interesting projects freely accessible in downtown Jersey City. Their sudden interest in our photography might be evident in the below photograph of the north tower-- bottom right is the base of the 31 story Aqua going in due East of the Shore Club:

Three floors left:


Schroeder Lofts nearly finished

The Schroeder Lofts are quickly nearing completion. Week over week, little is changing on the exterior of the building, most because its almost finished.


380 Newark Avenue

380 Newark Avenue is approved for a 12 story building on the western end of the downtown, just below the elevated portion of the Turnpike. The building, about 1/2 mile from the Grove Street PATH station is one of the largest projects this far west. Construction is moving along rapidly with excavation of the foundation having occurred since these photos were shot.


369 Fifth Street

This smallish lot is getting deep pilings pounded into the ground, presumably for a decent sized building. Rumors have it that basement level parking created a need for the heavy metal pilings, and that the building will not be as high as its 12 story neighbor at 380 Newark Avenue.


Saturday, July 7, 2007

Newport's Aqua

We'd love to be showing off the extensive progress being made at Newport's Aqua / Aqublu / Aquablue Tower, but unfortunately, the Newport Rent-a-cops have decided to prohibit photography from Newport's public sidewalks. Below would be looking north from River Drive at Newport Parkway, just east of the Shore Club.


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