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Friday, June 29, 2007

Turmp Tower

The Jersey City Trump Tower

The reflection of the Trump Tower in Harborside Plaza 5


Athena Condomium Tower

The Athena Condominium Tower, A, on Washington Street in Jersey City is nearly complete on the exterior.

The western facade from Warren street:

Athena from the Metro Plaza parking lot with the Trump Tower in the background:

Looking north up Washington Blvd.

Street level along Washington Street

Washington and Second Street:


Westin Hotel Tower

The Westin Hotel Tower did not have any glass installed when we took the photos, but probably will soon. The foundations for the smaller building that will attach to the tower on the north side have been laid.


111 First Street Rubble Remains

The only thing that remains of the old warehouse at 111 First Street is piles of rubble waiting to be cleared.


109 Columbus

109 Columbus is a smaller, mixed use apartment / retail building going in on Columbus Drive. The building had been making great progress for a while, but recently has slowed its pace of construction. The foundation and basement walls seem to have gone up so far:


Brunswick St at Second Street

A new building's foundation was laid on the corner of Brunswick and Second Street.


Monaco: Little Progress

The Monaco Towers construction continues to be nothing more than a pile of steel retaining walls:


Site: Metropolitan

The Metropolitan is a proposed 67 story, 755 foot tower proposed as the first building in an 8 tower plan for the Metro Plaza shopping center. Tower would be when built, the highest residential tower, and the second tallest tower in the state, behind Goldman Sachs. The Metropolitan would include a retail base and more than 800 residential units. The building was designed by Miami architectural firm Arquitonica, also responsible for Newport's proposed Ellipse building.


Site: York Street at Warren St Tower

This site has gone before the zoning and historic commissions over the past several months. Things seem to be on track to allow an 11 story mixed used building that will include apartments and retail space. The lots are technically within the Paulus Hook historic district, though the only buildings on the lot are non contributing structures.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lofts at Liberty Harbor

The Lofts building is another larger building going in during phase I. Renderings of the final product and a floor plan are online, discovered by an intrepid poster over on the discussion board.

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Liberty Harbor North

Trees have been planted along Grand Street:

The entrances to the brownstone style units have been finished off with columns:

The Sutton and the Lofts are visible down one of Liberty Harbor's new streets.


Gulls Cove

Gulls Cove, southern facade, over looking the light rail station.

Gulls Cove is a luxury condominium tower under construction near the Marin Blvd. Light Rail Station

The Lofts at Liberty Harbor are visible in the background; eventually a new street will sit in front of Gulls Cove:

The northern facade from Grand Street:

Large pipes are now on the lot between Grand Street and Gulls Cove. Eventually this will be the site of another tower.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Columbus Plaza

The mid-rise section extending west from the main tower has a mini glass tower on the end now:

Columbus Plaza in Jersey City will be a mixed use rental apartment and retail center

Looking east down Columbus Drive, the Trump Tower rises in the background:

The Steuben Street Facade:

The corner of Warren and Steuben Streets:

The corner of Washington and Warren:

Warren Street facade:

Looking west down Columbus Drive with Grove Pointe in the background:

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Grove Pointe

Grove Pointe has moved into the the final stages of exterior work. Along Newark Avenue, the fences have been removed revealing future retail spaces:

Grove Pointe in Jersey city along Newark Avenue

The entrance to the residences in the building is still under construction:

The Marin Blvd Facade:

Grove Pointe at the PATH Station plaza.


321 First Street

321 First Street is just west of Newark Avenue in the downtown. While a rather small development project, 321 First Street is significant because the developer, Mushroom Development, has proposed the Bates Project, a larger property near the downtown Pathmark shopping Plaza.

321 First Street in Jersey City, Condominiums by Mushroom Development

The units, to the detriment of the neighborhood, have three curb cuts for three separate garages.


Monday, June 25, 2007

154 Steuben

154 Steuben Street, a smallish condominium project going up in the Powerhouse District, has made some quick progress.

154 Steuben Street in Jersey City's powerhouse district is an 18 unit condominium building

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77 Hudson Street

Looking south west toward the western tower's base with one of the Liberty Towers in the background:

77 Hudson Street will be a dual tower condominium and rental apartment building on Jersey City's Waterfront

Looking north with Montgomery Greene and the Trump Tower under construction in the background:

The South east corner of 77 Hudson Street:

Looking north along Greeen Street from Sussex with 101 Hudson Street in the background. The Western tower had been moving more slowly than the eastern one, but now the western tower has surpassed the eastern tower by two floors.

Looking west from Hudson Street:

From the light rail tracks along Hudson Street looking south west toward the entire complex.


Sutton At Liberty Harbor

Brick work continues on the western facade of the Sutton building, though on the east side the blue insulation is still fully exposed.

The lofts building just south of the Sutton has recently received the wall framing.

The Sutton is a condominium building under construction in Jersey City's Liberty Harbor North Development

From the Jersey Avenue Light Rail Station:

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

369 Fifth Street

The site was a warehouse 2 months ago, but at the end of May the structure was ripped down. The original plans called for a two story extension with residential units on top and a garage on the street level. Apparently, that is not what is currently under construction. The site at the corner of Brunswick and Fifth Street has a large crane and massive pilings being pounded into the ground.

369 Fifth Street, a new construction project in downtown Jersey City


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Trump Tower

Note: Photos from the week of June 3rd

Trump's Jersey City tower continues to rise each week. The tower is now clearly visible from the Palisades cliffs and the New Jersey Turnpike, an icon on the skyline.

The Trump Tower in Jersey City

The powerhouse and Athena tower are visible on the far right:


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Athena Condomium Tower

The Athena Condominium Tower at Washington and Second Street in downtown Jersey City:

The Athena Condominium tower offers a balcony in every unit

The north facing facade from the Metro Plaza parking lot:

Looking east down Second Street with Harborside Plaza 10 (left) and Plaza 5 (right) in the background:


111 First Street: Gone

The warehouse at 111 First Street has been reduced to a pile of rubble.

111 First Street in Jersey City; an old warehouse removed to make way for a tower designed by Rem Koolhaus


Westin Hotel Tower

Jersey City's Westin Hotel is starting to get its skin:


Monaco Towers

Work on the Monaco Towers seems to be a weekday activity, and on the weekends, the site is turned back into the parking lot of the hotel. However, more metal retaining walls have been delivered

Monaco Towers in Jersey City


Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hamilton Square

The main tower largely has its new walls installed.

Hamilton Square is converting the old St. Francis Hospital in Hamilton Park in Jersey City into luxury condominiums

Below the northern face of the building which will overlook a new mid rise tower to built on the north west corner of the site. The new building will likely be adjacent to this one where there are no windows.

The big hole just north of the old tower will eventually be the foundation for new construction.

Along McWilliam's Place, the sidewalk has been restored-- formerly there were head on parking spaces. The chain link fence has been replaced with the historic style.


Newport Shore

The north tower from the parking lot of the Jersey City Target.

The Shore North in Newport in Jersey City

The plaza in front of the Shore South tower is also progressing quickly.

The Plaza in front of the Shore Club will include fountains and a winter skating rink


Grant / Cleveland

The Ulysses S. Grant and the Grover Cleveland are two Newport projects planned for 270 Tenth Street and 310 Tenth Street, on top of the existing Tenth street embankment. These two low rise building will likely be similar to The Roosevelt and The Lincoln, both on further east on Tenth Street.

Some time in the last few weeks several pilings have been nailed into the Tenth Street embankment, but little else has happened.

A piling for the low rise residential apartment building under construction on the Tenth Street embankment in Jersey City



Aqua in Jersey City is a new rental tower in the Newport development


Monday, June 4, 2007

Schroeder Lofts

The Schroeder Lofts near the northern side of the Hamilton Park section of Jersey City are nearly complete. This week the construction fencing was removed from around most of the building, sidewalks were installed and trees planted on Tenth Street.

Shroeder Lofts in the Hamilton Park neighborhood of Jersey City provide luxury condominium projects with views of the Holland Tunnel

Along 10th Street:

The Schroeder Lofts along 10th Street in downtown Jersey City

The corner of 10th and Erie:

The corner of 10th and Erie where the Schroeder Lofts are located

The western corner:

Looking west down Tenth Street:

The Foundry is a historic condominium building just west of Schroeder Lofts on 10th Street

These large windows will presumably hold a retail establishment:


Gulls Cove

Gulls Cove continues to have window installations as well as some facade work.

Windows are being installed on the northern facade of the Gulls Cove condominium tower

The South East side of Gulls Cove.

Gulls Cove in Jersey City is a luxury condominium tower

Gulls Cove from the Light Rail line east of the tower.

Gulls Cove overlooks the morris canal and marina in Jersey City

From Marin Blvd looking up:

The south facing facade with the Hudson Bergen Light Rail Station just in front of the tower:

Gulls Cove offers condominiums with direct access to the Hudson Bergen Light Rail


Liberty Harbor North

Above the door on the brownstone units, an overhang has been installed.

Liberty Harbor North in downtown Jersey City is a planned mixed use community that includes brownstone style condominiums

The Grand Street Brownstone units.

alt="Brownstone units in the Liberty Harbor North Development">

Looking east along Grand Street.

Grand Street in downtown Jersey City.

Looking north from the light rail station toward the 'back' of a number of condominium units.

Liberty Harbor North in Jersey City will include rental apartments alongside condominiums

Looking east from the light rail station with the International Financial Center and Grove Pointe in the background; both towers are across the street from the Grove Street PATH Station.

Liberty Harbor North with Grove Pointe in the background

At Barrow street, a new traffic light was installed and Liberty View Drive street signs went up several months ago:

Further east along Grand Street and Liberty Harbor becomes a bit more avant guard.

More modern looking buildings are included in the Liberty Harbor North Development.

The eastern most brownstone units next to the Hudson Boys and Girls Club.

Looking south down one of the new streets in Liberty Harbor:

Liberty Harbor mixes style as well as function.

Looking east from Jersey Avenue:


Recent Photos



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