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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Athena Condomium Tower

From second street looking east toward the western facade of the tower.

The Athena Tower, A, is a 33 story luxury condominium building being built in Jersey City

From Warren Street looking east:

Looking north along Washington Street:


Westin Hotel Tower

The Jersey City Westin was topped off a few weeks back and facade work continues with concrete slabs on the western wall.

The Westin hotel, a new High Rise Tower in downtown Jersey City

From the parking lot of the Metro Plaza. In the foreground right is the site of the Monaco Towers, a project that broke ground this week.

Along Sixth Street looking west:

Sixth and Washington


77 Hudson Street

77 Hudson street will be a double tower residential apartment building on the Jersey City waterfront

77 Hudson Street will have views of lower Manhattan from the east tower in downtown Jersey City

77 Hudson Street in downtown Jersey City will offer luxury rental apartments as well as condominiums

77 Hudson Street is just two blocks from the Exchange place PATH station in downtown Jersey City


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

109 Columbus Drive

109 Columbus drive is a small mixed use building three lots west of Grove Street. The 10,000 square feet of retail in the base is rumored to be a "wellness center" which sounds to us like some place hippies go for herbal medicines. Apartments will fill out the top of the building, no word as to whether they will be rentals or condominiums. The lot had been a parking lot a few months back, and this is a major step forward into building an urban landscape down Columbus Drive.

109 Columbus Drive in downtown Jersey City

Brownstones on Wayne overlook the lot currently under construction:


154 Steuben Street

An 18 unit condominium project in Jersey City's Power House district

From Christopher Columbus Drive looking north with the mid-rise portion of the Columbus Plaza development on the right:

At least the developer has so far left the trees along the street providing shade to the front of the building.

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296 Grand Street

This four unit condominium project along Grand Street, just north of Liberty Harbor, seems to be slowing down.

296 Grand Street in downtown Jersey City


Friday, May 18, 2007

Trump Plaza Jersey City

Looking north down Washington St with Harborside Plaza 4A to the right:

The Jersey City Trump Tower from Washington Street

Trump from Warren Street. The Butler Brothers building is to the left and Washington Commons, a new condominium project is to the right:

Trump Jersey City over looks the power house arts district

Street level at Washington Street with the powerhouse in the background.

Looking up from Washington Street:


Shore Club

The future river market will be housed in the low rise section connecting the two towers:

Workers constructing the plaza area:


Columbus Plaza

Columbus tower:

Columbus Tower is a luxury rental apartment tower with retail stores in the base along Columbus drive in Jersey City

Steuben Street Facade of the parking deck:

The corner of Warren and Columbus, the main entrance to the tower:

Columbus Tower will bring luxury rentals to Columbus Blvd. in Jersey City

looking west along Columbus Drive with Grove Pointe in the background:

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111 First Street: A few Bricks Still Standing

Little remains of the former warehouse at 111 First Street. The last bit of western walls along Warren Street are still up, but those will soon be gone as well.

A former warehouse, this site will eventually be the home of Jersey City's Rem Koolhaus Tower


First Street (315 First)

This is a small development on First Street just west of Newark Avenue:



Aqua has a few pilings in the ground, but nothing yet that stands out above the ground level.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Westin Hotel Tower

Looking south down Washington Street:

The Westin Hotel is located at Sixth and Washington in downtown Jersey City

Westin Hotel, Jersey City

The Westin Hotel at Sixth Street and Washington Blvd. in downtown Jersey City

From the parking lot of Metro Plaza looking north east toward the tower:

The Westin Tower from the parking lot of Metro Plaza in Jersey City


Gulls Cove

Gulls Cove from the Marin Blvd Light Rail station:

Gulls Cove is a luxury condominium tower part of the liberty harbor north development in downtown Jersey City

Looking west from Marin Blvd, the Liberty Harbor Lofts in the background.

The foundation is laid for the mid-rise building attached to the main tower:

From Grand Street, the north facade:


77 Hudson

77 Hudson Street will be a double tower luxury condominium building on the Jersey City Waterfront


Monaco Towers

The Monaco Towers are a new apartment complex being constructed at the corner of Sixth and Washington along Jersey City's Waterfront. The Monaco towers will include a parking garage in the base. The complete site plan includes a third tower, the San Remo to be built south of the existing hotel at Metro Plaza Drive and Washington. The towers were designed by SLCE Architects, and according to Emporis, Monaco North and South will be 47 floors.

From Sixth Street, vegetation obscures the crane, but a yet to be installed piling lays on the parking lot.

Monaco Towers in Jersey City's Newport neighborhood

From the Metro Plaza parking lot, just west of the light rail tracks, more activity is evident on the old parking lot. The 67 story Metropolitan is planned to be built where the photographer is standing. In the background is the skeleton of the new Westin Hotel.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lofts at Liberty Harbor

Gulls Cove stands in the background in this shot from Jersey Avenue looking east:

The eastern side from the Marin Blvd light rail station:

The Lofts at Liberty Harbor will be a luxury rental building in downtown Jersey City

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The Sutton at Liberty Harbor

The Western facade of the Sutton as seen from the Jersey Avenue light rail station:

The Sutton is a luxury condominium building in Liberty Harbor in Jersey City

The eastern side of the Sutton as seen from the Marin Blvd Light rail station:

The Sutton building is one of several larger buildings that are part of the first phase on construction in the Liberty Harbor North redevelopment zone in Jersey City

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Athena Tower

The Athena Tower along Washington Street in Jersey City

Washington Street looking west at the light rail tracks:

The Hudson Bergen Light Rail passed alongside the Athena Tower in Jersey City

The Second Street facade at the corner of Washington.

The Athena Groups A in Jersey City offers luxury condominiums along the waterfront.

The Washington Blvd facade:


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hamilton Square

Concrete foundations have started being poured for the "phase 2" tower:

Hamilton Park meets Hamilton Square in downtown Jersey City

The old tower along Erie Street has had the old windows removedL:

Once a Hospital, Hamilton Square will bring luxury condominiums to Hamilton Park in Jersey City


Liberty Harbor North

Exciting things are happening this week in the Liberty Harbor Development. First, a large swath of land south of the light rail station along Jersey Avenue has been cleared, presumably for the next phase of construction.

More land has been cleared for the next phase of the Liberty Harbor North development in Downtown Jersey City

Looking south east from Jersey Avenue towards the Morris Canal.

The second exciting bit of news is the ground breaking for another large building, known for now as building #2 on the official Liberty Harbor website. Below, building #2 has been highlighted:

A closer look reveals some metal things coming out from the foundation:

Looking North from the light rail station:

Along Grand Street, the Brownstone units are coming along:

Liberty Harbor North is a mixed use development in downtown Jersey City that includes buildings modeled on historic brownstones

Looking west along Grand Street:


296 Grand Street

296 Grand Street is a 5 unit condominium development along Grand street between the Liberty Harbor North Development and Van Vorst Park.

296 Grand Street in Downtown Jersey City


Friday, May 11, 2007

Liberty Harbor North

A large dirt pile has amassed in the distant regions of the Liberty Harbor property; whiles its hard to see here, its probably 2 or 3 stories high:

Below, two of the historic buildings that have been incorporated into the new development appear to have commercial retail space cut into their facades.

Two historic buildings have been built right into the new construction of liberty harbor north in Jersey City

Grand Street at Liberty View Drive:

Along Grand Street:


Westin Hotel Tower, Topped Off, Facade Work

The light rail line has been closed and will be closed between Newport and Harsimus Cove for several weekends while the Westin Hotel facade is installed on the western side of the wall. In the below series, its evident why the rail line is closed as the concrete slabs are hoisted over the tracks:

Looking north along Washington Ave at the corner of Sixth Street:

The Westin Hotel tower in Newport in Jersey City was recently topped off

Looking up from Sixth Street

Looking west across Washington Blvd towards the Newport Mall. The empty lot south of Sixth Street will eventually have a high rise residential tower.


111 First Street Teardown Nears the End

The 111 First Street warehouse is nearing the end of the destruction stage.

111 First Street, an old warehouse in the powerhouse arts district in Jersey City is being cleared to make way for a tower by Rem Koolhaus

From Washington Street looking west toward the remains of the warehouse.

The north west corner of the building with the Trump Tower rising in the background:


296 Grand Street

296 Grand street is a small condominium project across the street from Liberty Harbor North. Below, looking south from Barrow street.

296 Grand Street is a small condominium development project in the Van Vorst Park Neighborhood of Jersey city

From Grand Street looking North East:


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Trump Tower Jersey City

Join the Discussion in New Yorks Sixth Jersey City Forums.

From the edge of the Powerhouse Arts District looking east towards Trump tower; Washington Commons is to right in the foreground.

Trump Plaza, Jersey City

Trump Plaza in Jersey City will bring The Donald's name to the downtown with luxury condominiums and eventually luxury rentals in a second tower


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gulls Cove

The south side of Gulls Cove facing the Light Rail station.

Gulls Cove is a large condominium tower under construction in Jersey City

From Grand Street looking South:

From Marin Blvd looking up towards the eastern facade still waiting for brick.

The windows have started to be installed along the northern facade.


154 Steuben

154 Steuben has quickly sprouted from the ground:

154 Steuben Street in the Powerhouse Arts District in downtown Jersey City

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Morris Street

Morris street runs through the heart of Paulus Hook and has mostly historically preserved brownstone structures. This project near the corner of Greene Street appears to include refurbishing an older building with the addition of a new wing. Just next door is the recently completed Morris Street Terrace, a small group of modern brownstone style rentals.

Morris Street construction in the Paulus Hook area of Jersey City



The Belfuse apartment building on the site of the old Bel Fuse factory is moving quite slowly. After a quick demolition of the old buildings, the site has around for the last several weeks. The most recent change has been the addition of a black plastic tarp over half the site.

Belfuse in Jersey City is a new apartment complex in the Paulus Hook neighborhood


Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Athena Tower

The Athena tower, A, is a luxury condominium building going up at Second Street and Washington Blvd in downtown Jersey City

Looking east toward the western facade of the tower.

The base of the tower looking south down Washington:

Looking up from Washington:


Monday, May 7, 2007

The Sutton at Liberty Harbor

The Sutton from Marin Blvd looking west:

The Sutton is part of the Liberty Harbor North development in the downtown of Jersey City

Looking east at the Sutton and the Lofts tower.

The facade of the Sutton has started going up on the western side.

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77 Hudson Street Reaches Surface

77 Hudson Street has spent the last few months playing in the dirt and laying sub grade foundations. This week the base of the tower has popped out of the ground. We're expecting the base to take a few weeks before the towers make a rapid ascent skyward.

77 Hudson Street on the Jersey City Waterfront will provide both luxury condominiums and rental apartments

Looking west towards the Paulus Hook area. The northeast corner of the property has the most activity so far.

Looking north, 101 Hudson Street, the mid-90's art deco office tower looms over the project.

The western side of 77 Hudson Street has been slower throughout the whole of the construction process. But looking at the renderings, its likely that the entirety of the base will need to be installed before either tower rises.


Sunday, May 6, 2007

Liberty Harbort North Weekend Teaser

The Sutton facade begins to go up.

Sutton Building at Liberty Harbor North in Jersey City

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Columbus Plaza

The facade along Columbus Drive where eventually there will be retail stores:

Columbus Plaza along Christopher Columbus Drive in Jersey City

The western face of the parking deck:

Looking west towards Grove Pointe

The corner of Warren and Columbus

Steuben Street facade:

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Hamilton Square

Hamilton Square has suddenly had a burst of vigorous change with the installation of the yellow walls.

And pilings for the new building at 9th street:

Hamilton Park has been reclaimed along McWilliam's Place. Where once there was head on parking, there is now a large sidewalk to match the other four sides of the park.


154 Stueben Street

When last we checked in with 154 Stueben Street, the concrete had been poor just higher than the street level. So we were a little shocked to find this:

Looking north with the Morgan Lighthouse behind the new building:

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