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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hardware Upgrades

We've been upgrading some of our content production hardware. Our usual postings and photo updates will resume by the end of the week.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hoboken W Hotel

The Hotel is popping up above street level, finally.


Grove Pointe

Discuss Grove Pointe and other projects in the Jersey City construction forum.

From Morgan Street, the Grove POinte parking garage dominates the street:

Looking east down Morgan:

Looking up from Morgan Street at the parking garage and the tower:

The parking grage "windows" now have metalwork; presumably to keep folks from jumping off.

Newark Avenue facade of Grove Pointe:

The different elevations hide the true height on the Grove Street / Newark Avenue facade:

The base of Grove Pointe will eventually have retail. It seems some of the retail bays are getting prepped already:

The tower as seen from Christopher Columbus Drive looking west:


Observer Lofts

The corner facade of the Obersever Lofts at Monroe and Observer Highway:

The facade along Observer Highway:

Detail of Obvserver Loft windows along Monroe Street


Maxwell Place

Looking north :

Looking east towards New York City:


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Columbus Tower

Discuss Columbus Plaza and other projects in the Jersey City construction forum.

From the corner of Steuben and Warren Streets, sunlight is caught in the windows of the uppder floors of Columbus Tower:

The corner section of the plaza has gotten windows:

Steuben Street facade of the midrise section:

Looking east down Steuben Street:

From Steuben Street looking South at the western end of Columbus Plaza's midrise section:

From Columbus Drive:

Retail will eventually inhabit these street level floors of Columbus Plaza:

Looking west along Columbus Drive, Columbus Plaza in the foreground with Grove Pointe behind:

The base of Columbus Tower at the corner of Warren and Steuben Streets:

Looking west along Steuben Street with Grove Point behind:

Residences in Columbus Tower will have improved views because the tower facade is creates a number of corners:

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The Cliffs

Discuss The Cliffs and other projects in the Jersey City construction forum.

Looking south east down Paterson Plank Road:

Falling water, frozen:

The Cliffs run along Paterson Plank Road and the Palisades Cliffs:

The Cliffs is just above the Second Street Light Rail Station in Hoboken; looking west from the light rail tracks:


154 Steuben Street

Discuss 154 Steuben Street and other projects in the Jersey City construction forum.

A forest of pilings have been pounded into the ground at 154 Steuben Street.

Certainly it seems that the Morgan Lighthouse will have southern views, at least the lower floors, blocked by the erection of 154 Steuben:

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Liberty Harbor

Discuss Liberty Harbor North and other projects in the Jersey City construction forum.

The Sutton and the Lofts buildings:

A wider view with the Goldman Sachs tower behind:

From Grand Street looking south, the Sutton and the Lofts:

A wider angle reveals the full streetscape:

The Brownstone style units along Grand Street, now with doors:

A view down Grand Street:

The eastern brownstone style buildings along Grand Street waiting for their bricks:


Shore Club

Discuss the Shore Club and other projects in the Jersey City construction forum.

The south Tower of the Shore Club from the Hudson River Walkway:

Detail of the midrise section connecting the north and south tower of the Shore Club; windows have started to be installed:

The Two Towers; on the far right there is a fence and pile driver-- construction equipment presumably for Aqua.

The rear of the Shore Club including the new parking garage:

The south east corner of the south tower:

The entrance to the Shore Club's South Tower:

A wider view of the River Drive facade, eventually the River Market will be at street level here:


111 First Street Demolition

Discuss the 111 First Street Demolition and other projects in the Jersey City construction forum.

Looking west from Washington Street towards the shell of the old 111 First Street warehouse:

Northern view from Washington Street with Athena Tower behind:

Looking directly west from Washington:


296 Grand Street

This small project is advancing rapidly with foundation molds built waiting for concrete. Below, from Grand Street looking North along Barrow towards Van Vorst Park:

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Trump Towers

Discuss the Trump Towers and other projects in the Jersey City construction forum.

The Trump Tower looking north from Pearl Street

The Washington Street Facade with the Powerhouse chimney creeping up from behind:

Washington Street looking up at the Trump Tower

Bricks in two colors adorn the facade:

Looking east down Bay Streets toward the Harborside Financial Center.

Looking north along Washington Street towards the Trump Tower

The corner of Washington and Morgan Streets:

Detail of above

The Morgan Street facade

Washington Street looking North:

Looking up at the tower from Washington Street


Westin Hotel Jersey City

Discuss the Westin Hotel and other projects in the Jersey City construction forum.

The Westin tower Profile view looking west from Washington Blvd

The tower from the corner of Sixth Street and Washington Blvd.

The Westin Tower Looking north along Washington Blvd. with the Newport towers in the background.



Discuss the Athena Tower and other projects in the Jersey City construction forum.

Detail of the south east corner of the building:

Looking North along Washington Street:

The north facade of the building:

The facade of Athena along Washington Street looking straight up



Discuss the Aqua and other projects in the Jersey City discussion forums

From just east of the Holland Tunnel vent, the River walk has been extended north by about two dozen yards. Besides the construction for Aqua, it seems that the Ellipse might also be moving forward.

Looking north along River Drive, we can see a privacy fence directly east of Shore Club; also a pile driver on the left and a piling just left of the tunnel vent.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

111 First Street: The Video

Discuss the demolition of 111 First Street and other projects at the discussion forum.

In our first ever video entry, we present the on going demolition of 111 First Street:


Gulls Cove Progress Continues

Discuss Gulls Cove and other projects in the discussion forums.

The main tower of Gulls Cove from Marin Blvd looking south:

The north east corner of Gulls Cove from Marin Blvd., essentially looking straight up:

The south facade brickwork detail:

The larger frame looking north west from Marin Blvd with the light rail station in front of Gulls Cove:

The Marin Blvd Light Rail station in front of Gulls Cove:

The south east corner of the building; the best views will probably be from these units:

A wider view from along the light rail tracks:


Schroeder Lofts

The north east corner of the Schroeder Lofts:

Along Tenth Street, most of the windows have been installed:

From the east side, one or two of the center windows have yet to be installed.

Looking in to the loft apartments from Tenth Street:

The South east corner of the building:

Street level along Tenth Street


Hamilton Square

The tower from the south east corner of the park looking north:

The north west corner of the property:

From Erie Street

The facade along Erie Street looking south;

The facade of the old hospital building on Eighth Street


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Columbus Plaza

Discuss Columbus Plaza and other projects in the Discussion Forum.

Looking west along Columbus Drive:

The south east corner of tower:

The midrise section along Columbus Drive

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77 Hudson Street

Even during the ice storm, work continued on 77 Hudson Street with a small crane moving materials around:

The north east corner of the construction site:


More Snow and Ice

Jersey City from Battery Park City, barely visible during the ice storm:

Through rain or sleet or snow, the postmen are there:

The light rail snakes its way around the downtown:

Wayne Street from Grove:

The Hudson river ice flows were battering the piers:

Grove Pointe and Columbus Tower:

Looking south on Grove:

City Hall

Greene Street

The Goldman Sachs Tower and the Hudson River


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow and Ice Hit the Downtown

We'll be updating the photos periodically throughout the day as we process them.

Below, Newark Avenue looking East with Grove Pointe rising at the far end:

Newark Avenue Looking West from Barrow Street:

The New York City Skyline is obscured by falling ice. The Hudson River was also quite rough, though not evident in this picture:


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Shore Club

The entrance of the building on the south side of the south tower:

The western facade of the complex:

The mid-rise connection between the towers and future home to the "river Market"

Trying to get the towers in context with their older neighbors is difficult:


Grove Pointe

From Columbus Drive looking west, the telescoping scale of the building is obvious. It also looks like the building is only half built, even though its been topped off.

Morgan Street facade with the parking deck:

The Marin Blvd facade looking towards International Plaza:

The Marin Blvd Facade was hit with the ugly stick:

The Marin / Columbus Drive Corner

The nooks and crannies along Newark Avenue, over looking the Grove PATH plaza:


Columbus Plaza

The corner of Christopher Columbus and Warren:

Steuben Street looking east towards Evertrust Plaza:

The western end of the midrise with 156 Steuben Street in the background:

The tower meets the mid-rise plaza:

The corner of the Columbus and Warren with Grove Pointe to the West:

The north east corner of Steuben and Warren:

Looking up at the north east corner of the tower:

Looking south through the plaza from Steuben street to Columbus:

More of the Steuben Street facade:

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Looking north along Washington Street with Marbella in the background:

The north facing facade at Second Street:

Street level on Washington:

The western facade of the building:


Monday, February 12, 2007

77 Hudson Street

From the east looking north; Paulus Hook is in the background.

From the northwest corner:

The southwest corner looking towards Exchange Place:

Looking east with lower Manhattan in the background:

Various construction materials piled on the ground:


Westin Hotel Tower

In case there was ever any doubt, its pretty safe to call the rapidly growing Westin Hotel a tower now. Below, Washington Blvd looking north with Newport Tower in the background:

The corner of Sixth Street and Washington Blvd:

From just north of the tower, looking west:

North on Washington Blvd, looking south with Marbella tower in the Background:

The Washington Blvd. Sixth Street Corner:

From Sixth Street looking into the base of the building where a piece of machinery is digging up the floor:

Sixth Street at the junction of the light rail, looking north:

Looking east along Sixth Street:


Trump Tower

The Jersey City Trump Towers are swiftly rising over the powerhouse district. It seems the western tower is about halfway in terms of height.

The southeast corner of the building:

Along Bay Street, brickwork has begun. Two colors of brick have been used so far:

From the east on Bay Street looking to the west:

From Bay Street looking south. Eventually the east tower will rise here from a mid-rise base.

From Bay Street looking due south "through" the base of the plaza:

From Washington Street looking east along Bay Street, the north facade of the building:

The West Tower along Washington Street:

More fancy brickwork along Washington, the western facade of the building that faces into the Powerhouse District:


The Belfuse

With the lot mostly cleared, it won't be long before foundations and pilings are put in. Just not this week:


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Liberty Harbor: Traffic Lights Installed

Traffic signals have been installed on Grand Street at the intersection of Barrow and the new Liberty Harbor Street, presumably to allow traffic out of the new complex. This could lead to quite a bit of traffic running north out of the complex past Van Vorst Park.

Looking west along Grand Street:

The lofts and Sutton:

Looking northeast towards Grand Street from the Light Rail station:

Grand Street facades:

The eastern end of the development from Marin Blvd-- essentially standing in the shadow of Gulls Cove. The Boys and Girls Club sits between the Lofts and the main rows of low rise townhomes:


Gulls Cove

The north side of the building is quickly getting insulation.

The low rise foundation to the west of the main tower has been cleared of construction materials, presumably in anticipation of adding walls:

Construction along the southeast corner of the building overlooking Marin Blvd.

The southern facade:

Street level with the light rail station in front of Gulls Cove:

From Paulus Hook looking west, along the pathway parallel to the light rail tracks:


296 Grand Street

At the corner of Barrow and Grand, a wooden frame is being installed for what we assume is for a poured concrete foundation.

Also note the stump of a new traffic signal being installed as part of the Liberty Harbor North development across the street:

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Aqua: Pilings

It seems that Aqua's pilings are starting to go in:


Saturday, February 10, 2007

154 Steuben Street

154 Steuben Street is going up between the Morgan Lighthouse and Columbus Plaza. That's the Morgan Lighthouse behind the lot in the below picture:

This is an 18 unit building rumored to be 7 stories high being built by Fields, the developer of Waldo Lofts. The Morgan Lofts building is visible to the northeast:

Pilings have been driven into the ground:

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First Street

Just off Newark Avenue, this block along First Street is turning into quite a little development:

It appears basements for at least two more units may have been dug.


Thursday, February 8, 2007

Schroeder Lofts

The west end of the building along Tenth street looking east:

The windows along the Tenth Street facade.

The corner of Tenth and Erie:


Hamilton Square

The main tower is surrounded by rubble:

Recently, little changes have occurred to the exterior of the buildings, though large amounts of rubble have been and continue to be removed.


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Liberty Harbor

From Grand Street looking south east:

From the parking lot of the Boys and Girls club at Grove Street looking west, the backs of a number of the Liberty Harbor Buildings are visible:

The Grand Street facades looking west. The developer was smart enough to leave those trees standing, since new trees would take ten or twenty years to reach that size.

Looking at the facade of one of the new "brownstones" near Bright Street at Grand.

Looking southeast along Grand Street with Gulls Cove rising above Liberty Harbor in the background:

The Grand Street facade looking southeast, a half block west of the above, with historic buildings integrated into the development:

One of the more mod low-rise corners at Grand Street:

And the corner west of the above photo:

Looking east from Jersey Avenue with the Lofts and the Sutton:

One of the new Streets along Grand Street with the Lofts and the Sutton in the background:


The Sutton

From the Jersey Avenue Light Rail Station looking east:

From Grand Street looking south with the brownstone style townhomes in front of the Sutton.

The same, but looking at the east side of the Sutton with the Lofts behind it.

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Lofts at Liberty Harbor

From Marin Blvd, looking west and north, Liberty Harbor is starting to loom over the vacant landscape.

From the Marin Blvd Light Rail Station, at the base of Gulls Cove:

From the Jersey Avenue Light Rail Station, with Gulls Cove behind the lofts.

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As the building nears completion, signs of wear and tear are already appearing. Below, the facade has cracked along Greene Street on the east facing side of the building:

The corner of Montgomery and Greene Streets:

The Greene Street Facade:


111 First Street Demolition

It seems we overlooked this photo of 111 First looking down Bay Street earlier in the week. Its fairly unremarkable for now, except that soon the building will have been removed and that sort of change is interesting.


296 Grand Street

Yes, it seems those are wood pilings:

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Shore Club

The two towers from River Drive:

A close up of the mid-section. The Aqua will probably block views from this portion of the building.

The north tower:

The south tower of the Shore Club. A few of the green windows are still missing.


Gulls Cove

The southern facade overlooking the light rail station;

A future street will be cut in front of the building:

The north side of the building with the Liberty Harbor Lofts in the background:

The north facing facade from Grand Street, looking south:

The junction of the main tower with with what will eventually be a future midrise section:


77 Hudson Street

Looking east from Greene Street, dirt piles and metal rebar scattered on the ground

With some foundation in the ground, it won't be long before 77 Hudson Street pops up above the fence line.


The Belfuse

An asphalt eater has been used to suck up the old parking lot:

The freshly graded lot looks like it could be a farm field ready for spring plantings; of course, the only thing being planted here is a new foundation.



The tower rising at the corner of Sixth and Washington:

The Eastern facade along Washington Blvd.

The north facing facade:


Grove Pointe

The corner of Marin and Columbus Drive:

The east facing facade along Marin Blvd with service elevator:

The western facade of the main tower meets the southern facade of the mid-rise:

The Newark Avenue facade at the corner of Chris Columbus Drive.

The ten unfinished windows mark the location of the service elevator, since removed.


Monday, February 5, 2007

Columbus Plaza and Tower

The Mid-rise Plaza along Christopher Columbus looking east towards the tower:

The western end of the mid-rise section of the plaza; eventually the low-rise section will be built to the west towards Marin:

The mid-rise meets the tower along Christopher Columbus Drive:

The mid-rise section along Morgan Street with Grove Pointe in the background:

The tower at the corner of Morgan and Warren Streets:

The corner of the building at Warren and Columbus:

The Warren Street side of the same corner:

Looking up at the tower from Warren and Columbus:

Looking west from the southeast corner of Columbus and Warren with the mid-rise section of the plaza:

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111 First Street Demolition

From Washington Street looking west down Bay Street:

From Washington with Athena on the right:

From Washington looking West:


Trump Gets Brick

Along Washington Street, white brick has been installed just above street level:

The wider frame reveals that the street level facade has not received brickwork.

The Bay Street facade also has brick:

From Greene Street with Athena tower on the right hand side:

The project from the south, looking north towards Newport:

The south east corner of the base with the western tower in the background:

From Greene Street looking west with Columbus Tower, Washington Commons and Evertrust Tower behind:


Sunday, February 4, 2007


The southern facade where the base meets the tower:

Looking north from Washington and First Streets with Marbella behind the Athena tower:

Concrete arrives on Washington Street:

Looking north from Washington Street

The north side of the building:

From the corner of Washington and Bay Streets:

From the parking lot of Metro Plaza facing east:

The western side of the building has had a large number of windows installed already:

The north west corner of the building:


Thursday, February 1, 2007

296 Grand Street

The lot is getting some wooden poles delivered and then buried in the ground. We're at loss to explain this:

Update: A tipster points out that in some cases, small buildings can use wooden poles instead of steel for pilings, which is probably the case.

Earlier in the week, the lot had been prepped with fresh gravel:

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Schroeder Lofts

The backside of the building from Erie Street with the 11th Street overpass in front of the building:

The facade looking west along Tenth Street:

From Twelfth Street looking south, and yes, those north facing units have a great view of the tunnel traffic:


Hamilton Square

Looking north along Erie Street:


Montgomery Greene In Final Stages

At the corner of Greene and Montgomery Streets:

The Montgomery Street Facade:

Looking north along Greene Street


Recent Photos



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