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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Cliffs Loft

The southern corner of the building at Hope Street and Paterson Plank Road from the Light Rail Tracks.

The structure hugs Paterson Plank Road as it heads up towards The Heights and Union City:

Looking south into Hoboken:

The northern tip of the building:


Observer Lofts

The corner of Monroe and Observer Highway looking South:

From Observer Highway looking West:


833 Jersey Avenue

Little has changed at the site of 833 Jersey Avenue since we last checked in, but just in case the roving piles of dirt interest you, here it is:


Monday, January 29, 2007

Aqua Arrives

The Aqua tower, a rental building situated between the Shore Club and the Hudson River may very well have broken ground last week. The site certainly appears to have been cleared and along the extension of River Drive in front of the Shore Club, a privacy fence has been installed. In the below photo, the site of the building cleared of debris with the Shore Club to the west (left side) and Hoboken visible in the north (right side):


Shore Club

The Two Towers:

Detail of the midrise section connecting the north and south towers which will be home to retail on the ground level:

The South Tower:

The street in front of the Shore Club with a new privacy fence installed across the road (right hand side of photo).

The south east corner of the south tower:

The future entrance of the South tower:

The towers looking east from Washington Blvd.

The north tower from Washington Blvd:


Grove Pointe

The service elevator on the front of the building has finally been removed.

The backside of the tower and the parking garage from Grove Street looking east:

The tower looming over the Manila / Grove Street:

From the Grove Street PATH Station Park:


Athena Tower

The Washington Blvd facade with the 111 First Street in the background:

The corner of Second Street and Washington Blvd.:

Looking up:

Windows with a northern view on the Second Street Facade:

Looking west down second street:

The parking garage attached to the Marbella Tower with Athena in the background, from Washington Blvd looking south west.


Westin Tower

The corner of Washington Blvd and Sixth Street looking northwest. The Newport mall is directly behind the hotel tower:

At the corner of Washington Blvd. and Sixth Street with the Marbella tower in the background. Future plans call for two more residential towers to be built between Sixth Street and the Doubletree as well as a third tower between the Doubtree and the Marbella.

The north side of the tower:

The profile of the tower.

Looking north down Washington Blvd with Newport offices in the background.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lofts at Liberty Harbor

Though we're not positive, we do believe this skeleton is what will eventually become The Lofts at Liberty Harbor. Situated next to the light rail line, this is another mid-rise tower across the newly built street from the Sutton.

Below, from Marin Blvd looking west with the Sutton on the right:

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Details: Liberty Harbor North

Detail of the brownstone style buildings along Grand Street:

Window installations at the corner of Grand and Barrow Streets:

Liberty Harbor at Bright Street with oddly shaped buildings on Grand Street.

The north west corner of what has been built so far. Later in the process, another mixed use structure is to be built further west along Grand Street (to the right of the building).

One of the new streets of the development. The back of the Sutton abuts the street in the background. Taken from Grand Street looking south:

The new street at Barrow Street and Grand:

Insulation has been installed at the corner of Grand and Grove Streets:

Liberty Harbor Panorama:


The Sutton at Liberty Harbor

The Sutton from Grand Street looking past the Liberty Harbor North row houses:

The Sutton beside the frame of the lofts building:

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Gulls Cove

Street level from the foot of Gulls Cove with the Liberty Harbor lofts building in the distance:

Gulls Cove looking west from beside the light rail tracks:

The front of the building from the Marin Blvd. Light Rail station:

The rear of the building from Grand Street. Insulation is going in and the framework is being prepared for the brickwork:


Belfuse Breaks Ground

The Belfuse development, 50 or so units going in at the western edge of Paulus hook broke ground with the demolition of the old Belfuse industrial buildings on the site. Below, the corner of Essex and Van Vorst Street looking north east from the light rail tracks:

Looking east from Van Vorst Street

Facing south from Van Vorst:


Trump Towers

The facade of the western tower on Washington Street:

Looking east along Bay Street from Washington:

The southwest corner of the Trump complex at Washington and Morgan Streets:

Along Washington Street:


77 Hudson Street

The south west corner at Grand and Greene Streets.

Looking south with Liberty Towers and Goldman Sachs in the background:


111 First Street

Looking west from Washington Street along Bay Street:

What remains of the Washington Street facade, with Athena in the background:


Thursday, January 25, 2007

16th Street Between Coles and Jersey

Something is happening on this lot on Sixteenth Street between Coles and Jersey Avenue. Last week it was a few shacks and a whole lot of trash. Now its an empty lot:

Looking southwest towards Coles Street and the Turnpike:

Glass Goess into Schroeder

Glass has been installed in some of the framed windows along the front of the building:

From the corner of Tenth and Erie looking north west along Tenth:

The facade along Tenth Street:

The western facade facing the old foundry building:


Hamilton Square

The corner of McWilliams and Ninth Streets:

The southern building on the site is starting to get some demolition work (top left)

Along McWilliam's Place, rubble pours out into the street:

The tower, all naked:


Monday, January 22, 2007

The Sutton at Liberty Harbor

The Sutton with 101 Hudson in the background.

The south east corner of the Sutton with the frame of the loft(?) building to the left and the main body of Liberty Harbor to the right.

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Liberty Harbor

Along Grand street, two older buildings were preserved and incorporated into the new construction. Here, the one structure has received new windows and street facade. While the aesthetic of the newer buildings certainly could be debated, it seems they have done a halfway decent job on this restoration.

Liberty Harbor from the Marin Blvd Light Rail station:

What we're assuming is the lofts building going in along the light rail tracks on the southern edge of the current phase.


Gulls Cove

The backside of Gulls Cove looking west towards Liberty Harbor:

The southern facade of the building in front of the Light Rail Station:

The western tower:


Grove Pointe

The intersection of Newark and Columbus at Grove Street:

The Morgan Street Facade looking west toward Grove from Marin:

The corner of Marin and Morgan:


Columbus Plaza

The mid-rise base along Steuben Street with Grove Pointe in the background.

The Tower:

The Plaza along Christopher Columbus Drive looking east with the Tower rising in the eastern portion of the property.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Westin Hotel Jersey City

The Sixth Street facade with the Newport Mall behind it.

The corner of Washington Blvd. and Sixth Street:

The corner with Newport in the background.

The south west corner of the tower where Sixth Street meets the light rail tracks.

Looking through the facade on Sixth Street. On the ground level, the metal poles supporting the concrete while it cured have been removed.


Trump Towers

The north tower is rising above the base along Washington St.

The northern facade along Bay Street, which faces the Power house.

Three levels along the Washington St facade.


First Street

This development is going in on First Street between Monmouth and Varick. We couldn't find any specifics about the site, nor is the address particularly clear. We think this is 313 First Street.

Previous Photos



The north east corner of the building along Washington Blvd.

A crane hoists material to the top of the structure.

The south side of the tower along the light rail tracks.

The Washington Blvd Facade of the building.

And finally, looking south along Washington Blvd.


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Van Vorst Park After Light Snow

Montgomery Street along Van Vorst Park after the year's first snow fall.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Schroeder Lofts

The corner of Erie and Tenth:

The facade of the building with window frames in place.

Well, most of the window frames:


Hamilton Square Stripped Bare

The tower at Hamilton Square is almost entirely stripped clean of the old facade.

Below, looking north from the corner of Eighth street and McWilliams Place.

Rubble along the base of the tower on McWilliams Place, looking east.

The old foundations of the hospital are now exposed. Pavonia Avenue will be restored along the base of the tower in the background.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

296 Grand Street

This lot at the intersections of Barrow, Grand and Bright streets is being prepped for development.

This is just across the street from Liberty Harbor North:

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Jersey City Skyline

A composite photo of downtown Jersey City including parts of Newport.

From Left to Right: Two Second Street, 101 Hudson, Harborside 5 & Mandalay, Portofino, Columbus Tower, Athena, Marbella, Newport VII, Newport III, Newport I, Newport Tower, Riverside Tower

Metropolis Towers

After a flurry of activity in December, very little has continued since the new year.


Monday, January 15, 2007

The Sutton at Liberty Harbor

This 8 story building will anchor the end of one of the new streets.

The Sutton sits between the liberty harbor north row houses and the the new lofts building:


Liberty Harbor North

A new road has been paved connecting Jersey Avenue with the heart of the complex. Below, looking east from Jersey Avenue.

The Sutton, the Lofts, and the light rail.

The development from the south looking North; Presumably these blocks are unfinished.

Looking south down one of the new roads in the development.

The Sutton looms behind the new rowhouses.


Brick Work Starts on Gulls Cove

Brick facades have gone up on the inner sides of Gulls Cove. Below, the south facing facade.

The western side of the building.

From Grand Street, the north side of the building. Activity along the western wall is preparing the building for brick work.

From Paulus Hook looking west:


Clam Broth House

The Clam Broth house in downtown Hoboken:

The roof includes copper detailing.


Observer Lofts

A mid-sized building going up in Hoboken:

For some reason, architects in Hoboken are obsessed with the turning building corners into circular rotundas.


77 Hudson Street

The north west corner of the lot looking south east with the Goldman Sachs tower in the background:

Looking north east:

From the south east corner of with the Montgomery Greene Tower in the background.


111 First Street

Less is left of this building every day.

Note that in the lower portion of the picture, the bricks are stacked neatly. These bricks should be making an appearance on the new 111 First Street.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Westin Hotel

Looking west from Washington Blvd. toward the tower of the new hotel.

The south east corner of the tower at Washington and Sixth Street.

From Metro Plaza looking north along the light rail tracks with the Newport towers in the background.

The Sixth Street wall of the the hotel tower.


The Shore Club

The Holland Tunnel ventilation unit sits between The Shore Club and the Hudson River. The Aqua will soon break ground alongside of the vent building, in front of the Shore.

The extension of the River Drive looking North with the North tower and midrise.

The north tower of the shore club from Washington Blvd, looking through the delivery entrance of the James Madison.

The north tower.

Looking north along North Blvd from the Newport Parkway.

Curbs for a road along the north side of the shoe club have been poured years ago. This aligns with the Target parking lot entrance.


Harborside Lofts at Hudson Tea

Along 15th Street in Hoboken looking west towards the Palisades.

Looking east:

Detail of the upper story


Garden Street Lofts

At the corner of Garden Street and 14th in Hoboken, the lofts will be a "green" buidling.


Columbus Tower and Plaza

Looking east down Columbus Drive toward the tower.

The south east corner of the tower.

The western edge of the property from Columbus Drive. To the right is the midrise section of the plaza complex.

Looking west with Grove Pointe in the background.

The north east corner:

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Grove Pointe

The corner of Marin and Christopher Columbus Drive.



Looking north towards the Trump complex from Pearl Street.

The south west corner of the the Trump tower along Washington.

The north facade of the building along Bay Street.



The Athena Tower along Washington Blvd.

The back of the building from Warren Street looking east.


89 Willow Avenue

A small development on the corner of Willow and Newark Avenue in Hoboken.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

109 Christopher Columbus Drive

It seems this small lot on Christopher Columbus Drive is about to become a mixed-use building. Once a commuter parking lot, heavy equipment was moved in a few weeks back. Now it seems they've broken ground. Apparently the building will included 10,000 feet of retail and 18 residential units.

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The Cliffs

The Cliffs Lofts along Paterson Plank Road, at the base of the Palisades Cliffs. The Cliffs overlooks Hoboken; above them is the Heights neighborhood of Jersey City.

Paterson Plank Road is awfully close to the foundation of the building.

The south east corner of the building.


W Hotel Hoboken

The Hoboken W hotel is now beginning to rise up out of its hole.

Looking west towards Hoboken from Frank Sinatra Drive.

From just south of the W hotel property looking North:


Maxwell Place

In the northern coast of Hoboken, Maxwell place, a multi-building development, is shaping up to be a rather large complex. On the right, the 11th Street building is nearly complete while another is rising in the foreground:

From Hudson Street looking east towards the River.

The facade of the building along the water, looking north.


Dirt Piles at 833 Jersey Avenue

Little has been done at the site except to clean up some of the existing trash and pile up the dirt. From Jersey Avenue looking west towards the Palisades:

Looking south west.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Trump Towers

The Trump Tower is really sprouting quickly above the low skyline of its neighbors. The view along Morgan Street at the corner of Morgan and Washington

The north west corner along Washington and First.

The facade along Washington Street; the work crew have recently removed debris and materials from this area. Whether that means Washington is about to become wider or they are just readying for more material, we don't really know.

From Washington looking east with a very trendy mini cooper speeding by.


The Hudson

In actuality, not much has happened since last we turned our camera to the site, but there at least seemed like there were a few more piles of dirt.


Grove Pointe

The Marin Blvd Facade:

The backside of Grove Pointe along Morgan Street;

Old Meets New: Grove Pointe touches older buildings along Newark Avenue at the Grove Street PATH Station.

The main tower from the south west corner of Grove and Columbus. Compared to the stark vertical lines of Columbus Tower, which is not much taller, Grove Pointe looks short and squat. Like a little teapot.



The windows are being installed on all four sides of the building now.

The Athena Tower in Jersey City now has windows

The "front" of the Athena along Washington.

The south east corner of the building with the Marbella tower in the background.

Street level along Washington:


Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Liberty Harbor North

Looking east from Jersey Avenue, the Liberty Harbor Skyline is beginning to look like a little city:

Below, the first two eight story towers in Liberty Harbor North. The development will get taller as it gets closer to the Morris Canal.

Heading east down Grand Street, this is the first new street past the sales office. Note the curb has been poured here as well, though not the sidewalk.

The same corner, but without the curb visible. Note that morning traffic along Grand Street certainly backs up to at least this first road.

The backside of the tower looking south from Grand Street.


Friday, January 5, 2007

Jersey City Parking Zone Map

Parking in Jersey City is increasingly in short supply. Monday through Friday, to thwart out of city commuters from using Jersey City streets as a park and ride, most streets fall under resident permit zones. Resident permits are available from the Jersey City Parking Authority to residents with proper identification.

Most of the zones limit vehicles without permits to 2 hours, after which vehicles without resident permits, or the wrong permit for the particular street are subject to tickets, towing and the dreaded boot. Parking permits have nothing to do with street cleaning or emergency snow routes and vehicles with permits may still be ticketed or towed for these offenses. Read all signs carefully.

Disclaimer: This map is intended as an informal guide, not an absolute street index. Drivers should read all signs before parking. We are not responsible for any parking ticket you receive. Streets without a zone label on this map generally prohibit parking. There maybe a few "sweet spots" around the city that have neither zone requirements nor parking restrictions. But if we knew about them, we certainly wouldn't tell you.


Detail Work to Begin At Lofts

The Schroeder Lofts are nearly finished on the outside. The brickwork is essentially finished and most of the windows are going in. Now its time for the detailed accessories. We're assuming the holes in the brickwork above the future garage doors are not mistakes but instead were punched out for the installation of some decoration or lighting equipment.

All but the last six inches of the facade have been bricked over; windows will probably be going in next week.

The front of the building with the rather impressive four story window units.


Hamilton Square

From Hamilton Park looking North; Pavonia Avenue should be restored when the project is completed aligned with the Newport Tower in the background (above the ".com")

Nearly stripped naked, the old hospital tower will soon be getting a new facade.

Three eras of the hospital building come together along Ninth Street:


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Trump Towers

The Trump Towers complex has been steadily growing, though until this week was not much more than a gray mass of concrete. Finally, the form of a tower is beginning to pop out from the massive base of the building:

Below, the facade along Washington Street. On the far left, the powerhouse pokes out from around the corner of the Trump Building.

The tower along Washington Street, looking up:


Westin Hotel

A few more floors have been added to the Westin Hotel going in on the corner of Sixth and Washington:

The side of the hotel along sixth street:


The Shore Club

The Shore Club is nearing completion as the asphalt along the newest extension of River Drive has been poured, and the North tower is nearly as tall as the South tower.

Look at the pretty brick sidewalk:

The south tower is nearly finished, except for a few random windows that have been filled in with various materials. Are windows falling out? Did someone forget to order enough glass?

In the south tower, balcony dividers lay against the railing waiting for installation.


Going, Going, Gone

111 First has been rapidly deconstructed.

The building facade along washington Street sits in a pile of rubble, albeit a blurry photo.


Grove Pointe

Grove Pointe looking rather monolithic along Marin Blvd:

Only about another ten stories need glass in the window frames:


Gulls Cove

Little appears to be happening from week to week, but no doubt workers are steadily working on parts unseen.


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

2007 Anticipated Construction

Predictions of new construction for 2007 in Jersey City:

1. The Majestic II
2. Columbus Corner
3. Gulls Cove II
4. Metropolis Towers
5. 217 Newark Avenue
6. 361 Newark Avenue
7. Morgan Point
8. Aqua
9. The Ellipse
10 & 11. Grover Cleveland and Ulysses S. Grant
12. The Metropolitan
13. & 14. San Remo & Monaco
15. Harborside 4
16. Second Street
17. Manischewitz Site
18. Van Leer Chocolate Factory
20. Belfuse


Columbus Tower and Plaza

The Mid-rise structure that extends west of the tower along Christoper Columbus.

Only a few more stories need to have their windows installed:

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Liberty Harbor North

The Mid-rise towers one block south of Grand Street are beginning to pop up above the line of 'brownstone' row houses being constructed closer to the existing neighborhood. Also, the curb has been poured. The curb seems to define a street with a long, soft curve rather than a hard diagonal that previous diagrams and traditional city plans would suggest.

The east facing side of the mid-rise towers.

At the corner of Barrow and Grand are two essentially identical buildings. The western building had its brown brick tiling installed weeks ago. Below, the eastern structure is now getting its facade.

A somewhat uniquely shaped building on the corner of Grand Street and the end of Bright Street.


Recent Photos



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