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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Schroeder Lofts

The north facing facade of the Schroeder Lofts are finally getting bricked over. For months the other sides of the building were nearly completed while the back of the building overlooking 12th Street remained insulation.

Schroeder Lofts in Jersey City over look the Holland Tunnel

The large windows along the 10th Street facade seem to finally be installed property after a few weeks of having pieces of the windows installed and then removed and than installed again.

The Schroeder Lofts in Jersey City's Hamilton Park neighborhood have a unique set of windows

The Western side of the building which overlooks the Park Foundry.

The Embankment between 10th and 11th Streets practically kisses the building. The 11th Street overpass also won't give north facing units the nicest views.



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