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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Waldo Lofts

Nearing completion, the Waldo lofts are on the Powerhouse Arts District border. Its clear from even a casual glance that the Waldo lofts draw inspiration from the actual Powerhouse building two blocks away.


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Shore Club

The Shore Club is rising along the Hudson River in what is presently the northern frontier of the Newport area of Jersey City. The towers contain a great deal more glass than many of the older residential counterparts, and probably are doing a great job obstructing the views some of the earlier constructed towers had.

Below, the southern entrance of the building looking east towards New York. The Shore Club should have great views of Manhattan, except for those poor fools who get to stare at the Holland Tunnel ventalation system.

A closeup of the entrance to the Shore Club as it faces Newport Parkway. In the foggy distance is Manhattan.

Along the waterfront, the South tower is nearly complete. The North tower is beginning to rise. To the right of the picture is the Hudson River and Manhattan.

From the east looking west along Newport Parkway:

The parking garage of the complex along North Blvd looking North from the corner of Newport Parkway.

Below, the facade as it faces the Newport Parkway.

The corner of the tower facing North Blvd. and the Newport Parkway.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Grove Street Shopping Guide

12 Dunkin Donuts, 13 grocery, bodega, 14 McDonalds, 15 Avalon Realty, 16 deli, 17 Grove Art and Photo Frame, 18 Maxmillian Boutique, 19 Grove Cafe, 20 Hard Grove, 21 Subway, 22 Grove Florist, 23 GNC Pharmacy, 24 Stella's Pizza, 25 Wild Fusion, 26 A-1 Deli, 27 Continental Grocery, 28 Alm Electronics, 29 Mashallah Grocery, 30 laundromat, 31 Star Bar, 32 cafe, 33 Remax, 34 Boyne Realty, 35 Century 21, 36 Friendly Cleaners, 37 Ibby's Falafel, 38 Aspasia's Boutique, 39 Prudential Realty, 40 Sanitary Cleaners, 41 locksmith, 42 Shadman Restuarant, 43 accupunture, 44 xPress Cuts, 45 Beachwood Market, 46 Marco & Peppe, 47 Beachwood Cafe, 48 Medina, 49 bodega, Ricky's Video, 50 nJoyable Salon, 51 Rachel, 52 Tia's, women's fashion, 53 The Merchant, 54 The Majestic, 56 Weichert Realty, 57 City Hall / City Hall Park, 55 Antheia Florist, 58 On the Inside, home decor, 59 bodega, 60 Meat Market, 61 Cyn Ful Treasures, 62 Taqueria Downtown

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Monday, November 27, 2006

204 Sixth Street

Located between Erie and Manila, this smaller building is now offering condos for sale directly across from the embankment.


Montgomery Greene

Montgomery-Greene is nearing completion at the corner of Montgomery Street and Greene Streets. This is the southwest corner of the building.

Looking east down Montgomery Street, the Montgomery-Greene Tower is not quite as large as some of its neighbors.


Liberty Harbor North Morning Edition

Liberty Harbor North continues to grow. Looking East along Grand Street, the Goldman Sachs tower looms in the distance.

Grand Street Looking North.

Looking across Garnd Street, a new city block rises. Towards the south at the end of the street are the masts of sailboats along the canal.

The brick facades intend to conjure up the delicate designs of yesteryear with mixed success.


Columbus Tower

The morning commute down Christopher Columbus Drive is interupted by construction cones. The parking deck and low rise portion of the Columbus Tower complex is beginning to take shape, as can bee seen looking east along Colubus Drive.

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Gulls Cove I

It seems the low rising tower / parking deck of Gulls Cove I has a foundation:


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Grove Pointe

At the corner of Christopher Columbus and Marin, the corner of Grove Pointe rises; brick and windows now cover about half of the building.

The facade of Grove Pointe along Marin Blvd.


Montgomery Street

A half block west of Grove Street a small condo development has been under construction for well over a year. We last mentioned this building when only the frame had been constructed. The whole thing had been on hold over the summer after we noticed a few citations having been issued by the police. In the last few weeks though construction seems to be back on track.


Schroeder Lofts

The Schroeder Lofts have been under construction for quite a while. One block from Hamilton Park, the lofts are being constructed on 10th Street at the corner of Erie. Most of the facade has been installed, though not the windows. Below is the front of the building from 10th Street.

Below, as the building appears from the corner of Erie and 10th Streets.


Hamilton Square

The east side of Hamilton Park was once St. Francis hospital. Soon, the entire block will become Hamilton Square a mixed use residential and retail building along Erie Street and Hamilton Park. One major aspect of the development will be the restoration of Pavonia Avenue, bisecting the property where once there was a hospital. The demolition has certainly begun as this view from Hamilton Park shows:


Westin Hotel Jersey City

The Westin Hotel in Jersey City broke ground a few months back on an empty lot along Washington Blvd. The site is bound on the west by the light rail, and Sixth Street to the south, situated next door to the Newport Mall. Below, a view from Sixth Street and the light rail; note how close those rails are to the base of the building.

A view from Washington Blvd with the Newport Mall parking deck in the background. This photo was shot on Wednesday; as of today the concrete for the second floor has already been poured and the framing for the next level has begun.



"A" or Athena, is rising just outside the Powerhouse district along Washington Blvd, bound on two sides by the light rail tracks. Below is view down Washington looking South. The light rail wraps around behind the building in this picture, literally hugging the foundation.

Window installation has begun:

The traffic light in the photo below includes the light rail signal:


Montgomery Greene

Montgomery-Greene is beginning to near completion with a scheduled move-in for January 2007. Below is the corner of Montgomery and Greene Streets:

Looking east along Montgomery Street:

Looking north along Greene Street:

An odd little addition tacked on the end of the building on Green Street:

The Montgomery-Greene Tower rising with all its glory:

Metropolis Towers

The aging Metropolis Towers it seems will soon be gaining two more friends. A passageway and strip mall that connected the two towers has been demolished.


Montgomery Street

On the corner of Montgomery and Warren Streets, a block of older buildings has been under renovation for more than a year. A glass addition to the roof line is growing out of two of the buildings, with a new tower set in behind the row of older buildings.


Trump Plaza

The Trump towers in Jersey City are aiming to be, at least for a time, the tallest residential towers in the state. Rising just outside the Powerhouse Arts District, the Trump towers will offer The Donald's unique style on the Jersey side of the Hudson. Below, the lower floors have been poured with Columbus Tower rising in the background.

The Trump Plaza towers are bound by Morgan and Bay Streets, just outside the Powerhouse District. Behind the lower floors of the Trump tower is the actual Powerhouse building.


Columbus Tower

Columbus Tower will rise 35 stories along Christopher Columbus Drive bound by Warren Street to the East and Marin Blvd. to the west. Behind Columbus Tower is Grove Pointe, another large scale development taking advantage of the Grove Street PATH station. The below view is from southeast of the building looking to the northwest.

Below, the facade of the building on the southeast corner comes into focus. Another new tower, Washington Commons, stands in the background. Behind Washington Commons is the Trump Towers, also under construction.

The mid-rise structure and parking garage along Christopher Columbus is beginning to take shape.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Grove Pointe

The Grove Pointe tower at the intersections of Grove Street and Newark Avenue rises above the PATH station.

Along Grove Street, the tower begins to change the skyline:

The Columbus Tower, one block to the east, is also rising at a rapid pace. Below, both towers come into view.

As the Grove Pointe Tower takes shape, workers also begin rehabilitating the PATH station entrance and the park at the intersections of Newark, Grove and Columbus.

The facade of the building has been the center of online rants from local residents.


Grand Street

Across the street from the ever expanding Liberty Harbor North are a set of smaller brownstone style row houses; we're not certain if this new construction is actually part of the Liberty Harbor development or simply a smart property owner taking advantage of the new rehabilitated Grand Street.


Gulls Cove

The Gulls Cove towers straddle the historic Paulus Hook neighborhood and the newly created neighborhood of Liberty Harbor North.

From Grand Street in Jersey City, the site for the second Gulls Cove building sits between the current tower and the road. That empty lot will soon be another tower complex.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Liberty Harbor North

At the corner of Grand Street and Barrow, the Liberty Harbor North Complex begins to rise.

Workers installing windows along one stretch of what is essentially an extension of Barrow street. In the distance is the concrete frame of a rising tower.

Looking East along Grand Street.

One block south of Grand Avenue, the "brownstone" style row houses will give way to towers built of concrete.

The Liberty Harbor North Complex is being built to appear as if the entire neighborhood had grown up naturally. Along Grand Street the buildings are being bricked over.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Transit Overlay Map

The Port Authority PATH system runs 24 hours a day connecting Jersey City and Hoboken with Manhattan. The Hudson Light Rail is operated by New Jersey Transit and is turned off at night.

PATH system is in shades of Purple, Light Rail in shades of Blue, and Heavy Rail in shades of Green. (See Key at buttom for Specific Information). Where applicable, MTA Subways are listed alongside the PATH Station.


Grove Pointe circa 2005

Looking West from Marin Blvd towards the Grove Street and Newark Ave intersection. This empty lot is now Grove Pointe.

The same empty lot looking South from Morgan Street towards Christopher Columbus Drive.


Liberty Harbor North circa 2005

The foundations for the first phase of Liberty Harbor North are laid along Grand Street.


K Hovanian's Paulus Hook

Essex Commons Circa 2005

Essex Commons went up in the summer of 2005 in the Paulus Hook neighborhood of Jersey City across the street from 77 Hudson Street and the Goldman Sachs tower.

To the east of Essex Commons, Liberty Towers peaks out from across Greene Street.


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