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Jersey Wine and Spirits

Jersey Avenue Wine and Spirits, formerly Willie's liquor, during renovations

This upscale liquor store provides a wide selection of wines organized by region. Often they offer tastings. The refrigerator cases will also have emergency supplies of cheese. The beer selection is eclectic and while you won't find your frat party 30 packs of nattie ice, they do have some nice imports and otherwise hard to find beers. The spirits section is rather small, but in a pinch has the basics.

492 Jersey Avenue
Jersey Wine and Spirits

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Village Wine & Liquors

Liquor store on Grove Street, Village Wine and Liquors

Typical wine and liquor store on Grove Street.

348 Grove Street

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City Vino

Wine bar, tappas menu, meat and cheese, wine
35 Hudson Street
City Vino

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Sidoroff's Liquors

Keeps odd hours

265 Eigtht Street

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Buy and Save Liquor

Decent selection of wine and whiskey; a number of imported beer; a little expensive.

32 Coles Street

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Binny's Liquors

206 Newark Avenue

Binny's Liquors in downtown Jersey City

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Sidoroff Liquor

265 Eighth Street

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Liquor House

118 Erie Street

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Newport Spirits

Wine and liquor. Just off Washington Boulevard across from the Thomas Jefferson.

45 Newport Parkway

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Palace Drugs

Pharmacy and Liquor; poor beer selection, overpriced.

172 Newark Avenue

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Portside Liquor

In the base of the Portside Towers complex, general bodega and liquor store.

100 Warren Street

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Liberty Wine and Deli

Extensive wine selection.

200 Washington Street

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