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Vespa Jersey City

Vespa dealership in downtown Jersey City

Jersey City's very own Italian scooter dealership.

Vespa JC
247 10th Street

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Salon X

Salon X in downtown Jersey City

High end beauty and hair salon.

228 Seventh Street
(Seventh at Erie)
Salon X

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Frank's Pizza

415 Monmouth Street

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Pavonia Library

Jersey City public library, Pavonia Branch, serving the Hamilton Park neighborhood

326 Eighth Street
Pavonia Branch

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Sidoroff's Liquors

Keeps odd hours

265 Eigtht Street

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Carnival Cleaners

They claim on site dry cleaning, but many suspect they actually ship out; apathetic customer service and unwillingness to meet customer needs makes us go elsewhere.

609 Jersey Avenue

Carnival Cleaners in downtown Jersey City

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Mastrolia Pharmacy

325 Seventh Street

Mastrolia Pharmacy in Hamilton Park, Jersey City

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Los Machachos Grocery

436 Monmouth Street

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Schroeder Lofts

The Schroeder Lofts on the edge of Hamilton Park are a low rise building from Exeter Properties. The building includes a partially sub grade parking garage and a retail space on the corner of Tenth and Erie Street. Also available are photos of the Schroeder Lofts under construction.

58 Units
6 Stories
242 Tenth Street
Complete 2007

Schroeder Lofts in the Hamilton Park neighborhood in downtown Jersey City is a new low rise development from Exeter Properties.

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Hamilton Park Neighborhood & Historic District

The centerpiece of the Hamilton Park neighborhood is the namesake Victorian era park situated between Eighth and Ninth Streets and surrounded by a historic preservation district. The park is lined with both brownstones in addition to more oddly designed nineteenth century buildings. Contrasting the streets around Van Vorst Park which maintain a certain unifying similarity between each brownstone, the buildings around Hamilton have greater variety and unique flare.

The Hamilton Park neighborhood is situated roughly equidistant from the Grove Street and Pavonia PATH stations, about a ten minute walk from the center of the park. The north side of the neighborhood is bound by the twelfth street embankment which abates noise from the Holland Tunnel entrance.

The southern border of the neighborhood is the Sixth Street embankment, which serves also as the northern border to the Harsimus Cove neighborhood. In essence, traveling south along Jersey Avenue from Hamilton park is a continuous stretch of historic preservation districts up to the edge of the city where Liberty Harbor is currently under construction.

The eastern border of the neighborhood is generally considered the Newport Mall parking garages which further segregate the new waterfront from the historic neighborhoods. The Newport mall extends from Sixth Street to the Eleventh Street overpass which feeds traffic from the Turnpike directly into the mall. The presence of the mall has also amputated the Newport high-rises from the neighborhoods around Hamilton Park.

Currently, there are plans to renovate Hamilton park, a project not undertaken in more than thirty years. The Hamilton Park Association has spearhead these efforts and are organizing final proposals. Improvements to the park will include new Victorian style lampposts, benches, new walkways, a dog run, updated playgrounds, landscaping, a fountain, and restoration of the tennis and basketball courts.

In addition, for many years St. Francis Hospital bordered the park to the east along McWilliams Place. However, the old hospital buildings-- a conglomerate of structures from a myriad of time periods-- is currently being remodeled, removed, resurfaced, and renovated into apartments and retail shops. The main task of the renovation is to remove the facades from buildings built in the 1960's and 1970's and restore a look more suited to the historic neighborhood. In addition, the developer is restoring Pavonia Avenue as well as an older building on the site from the 1920's.

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National Cleaners

225 Pavonia Avenue

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The Park Hamilton

Originally a five story factory building, the Park Hamilton was converted in the mid-1980s to Condominiums, and an additional four floors were added.

9 Stories
205 Tenth Street
Originally Completed 1918 ?

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Hamilton Park

A large urban park located between Eighth and Ninth Streets. The Park would be bisected by Pavonia Avenue if the road were contiguous. There is no ball playing in the park.

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PS 37 Cordero Community School

158 Erie Street

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Hamilton Park Pizza Cafe

357 Seventh Street

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Sidoroff Liquor

265 Eighth Street

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Hamilton Park Ale House

Good food, not a bad place to drink either. Brunch menu until 4pm, pub food after.

708 Jersey Avenue

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Newport Pharmacy

226 Ninth Street

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Isabel Cafe

227 Seventh Street

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Elcan Realty

Local realtor serving Hudson County.

93 Erie Street
Elcan Realty

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Liquor House

118 Erie Street

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Christo's Downtown Mini Mart and Pizza

Grocery, bodega, pizza.
301 Eight Street

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Expired milk and warm refrigeration has gotten this store shut down by the health department in the past. New management has taken over and seems to be cleaning up the place, but has lead to labor disputes with unionized workers.

574 Jersey Avenue

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Basic Food and Beverage

Cafe serving, breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner.

231 Eighth Street

New York Times Review

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Beret's Simple Cafe

Simple changed ownership in September 2007, and is now Beret's Simple Cafe

Simple Restaurant and Bar
Delightful little restaurant. Small, but accommodating. Bistro style menu, great appetizers. The food is more suitable for the colder months though. Excellent chicken pot pie and fried Calamari. Outdoor seating area. Friendly staff, the sort of place where everybody knows your name.

174 Coles Street

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Fetch It

Local mini-chain of pet supplies.

228 Seventh Street

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White Star Bar

Beer, Music, and Burgers. We've been in debates about whether or not White Star has the Best burgers in the downtown or merely really good burgers.

230 Brunswick Street
White Star Bar

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UNICO Towers

Partially subsidized, senior housing located between Hamilton Park and Newport.

202 Units
13 Stories
Completed 1974

500 Manila Avenue

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The Roosevelt

The Roosevelt is essentially the bigger brother to the Lincoln just across the street. Developed by Lefrak, the Newport developer, and in essence could be considered part of the Presidential Plaza although the nearest Newport Tower is four blocks east. A grocery store and deli are located on the northwest corner of the building. The Holland is one block over, for better or for worse, and the elevated section of Eleventh Street borders the backside of the building. The design is fairly generic red brick, attempting to blend into the surrounding neighborhood, though not with very much effort.

133 Units
7 STories

180 Tenth Street

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Park Foundry

The Hamilton Park Foundry has been converted into a mixed use residential and retail space.

Completed 1895

242 Tenth Street
Park Foundry

The historic Park Foundry sits on the corner of Tenth and Jersey Ave

Brick entrance of the historic Park Foundry apartments

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The Lincoln

Built on the edge of historic downtown along the elevated portion of eleventh street, the low to mid-rise buiding has been criticized for its lack of creativity. The Lincoln, while several blocks from the waterfront, is part of the Newport development.

153 units
6 Stories
Completed 2005
204 Tenth Street

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Mc Nair Academic High School

Mc Nair Academic High School
123 Coles St

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