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95 Greene Restaurant

Upscale lunch and dinner restaurant. Monday through Friday.
95 Greene Street

95 Greene

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Porto Leggero

High end dining.

160 Greene Street
Porto Leggero

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A monument to Jersey City's longshoreman.Metal sculpture at Second and Hudson Streets

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C Side Restaurant and Bar

Sit down restaurant on the Hudson River; views of Manhattan; lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, and special events.

34 Exchange Place
95 Green Restaurants

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2 Montgomery Street

A low rise office building near the waterfront. 2 Montgomery Street recently received press attention when a Woodbridge, NJ based developer purchased the building for more than $50 Million. Sold along with its neighbor, 30 Montgomery Street for a combined $106 Million, a high rise mixed use complex is planned for the site.

2 Montgomery Street in downtown Jersey City was recently acquired for $50M in the hopes of redeveloping the property

2 Montgomery Street near Exchange Place in Jersey City may soon be reduced to rubble to make way for a newer, taller office complex

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Sub and salad shop.
75 Montgomery Street

Blimpie on Montgomery Stret in Jersey City

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Grand Banks Cafe

Sushi and seafood.
75 Montgomery Street
Grand Banks Cafe

Grand Banks Cafe offers Sushi and seafood in downtown Jersey City

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Dauntless Efforts

Dauntless Efforts is a sculpture by artist Matt Johnson in dedicated to the memory of the victims of 9/11 honoring construction workers working on the Harborside Financial Center in Jersey City who rushed to assist victims of the tragedy.

Pearl Street
North of Harborside Plaza 5

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Provident Bank

Located in the base of the Goldman Sach's Tower across from the Essex Street Light Rail station.

30 Hudson Street

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90 Hudson Street

12 Stories
Completed 1999


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Pizzeria Uno Chicago Grill

Typical chain restaurant serving up typical chain restaurant food.

286 Washington Street

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Green Cow

33 Hudson Street

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99 Montgomery Street

Contractor error lead to a leak in December 2006 that left $100,000 in damages.

7 Stories
Completed 2006, 2007

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Flamingo Bar

31 Montgomery Street

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Sushi and noddle lounge

31 Montgomery Street
Honshu Lounge

Honshu noddle lounge near Jersey City's Waterfront

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Asian Fusion located in the base of 101 Hudson Street, across from the Exchange Place light rail station.

101 Hudson Street
Nanking Resturants

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Contemporary Indian cuisine, take out menu. Lunch Buffet.

160 Greene Street
Amiya Restaurant

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Wachovia Bank

Located in the base of 101 Hudson Street on the Montgomery Street side, mid-block.

101 Hudsun Street

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Fat Burger

Upscale fast food joint specializing in burgers.

286 Washington Street

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The Pier

Low rise rentals jutting out in the middle of the Hudson River on a pier.

1 Harborside Place
Financial District, Rental

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Montgomery Greene

113 Unit
19 Stories
Completed 2007

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City Beans

160 Greene Street

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Katyn Monument

A monument honoring the victims of the Katyn massacre.
Exchange Place at Montgomery Street

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Liberty Real Estate of Jersey City

43 Montgomery Street
Liberty Realty

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Exchange Place PATH

Renovated in 2003 after the World Trade Center attack destroyed tracks to the East. Exchange Place was refurbished along with the addition of new track, switches, tunnels, and signals to allow the station to operate as a terminus while work was completed on the World Trade Center station.

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The Village

Thai and general chinese food

62 Morris Street

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Exchange Place Florist

Located in the northwest corner of the base of the Liberty Towers.

33 Hudson Street

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Candlewood Suites

Typical chain hotel located on the edge of the waterfront and the Powerhouse district. Not particularly close to any PATH station.

215 Units
7 Stories
Completed 2001

21 Second Street

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Jersey City Hyatt Regency

The hotel sits on a pier overlooking Manhattan. Few hotels in the world have views like this one. Also located literally above the Exchange Place PATH entrance.

350 Units
9 Stories
Completed 2002

2 Exchange Place

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New York Sports Club

Located across the street from the Harborside Financial Center light rail stop.

34 Exchange Place
Suite 130

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Built by Metro Homes, the building attempts to blend into the neighborhood, although this effect will be ruined with the completion of 77 Hudson Street, two towers rising about 50 stories across the street from the three story structure.

40 Units
Completed 2005
80 Greene Street

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70 Hudson Street

A twin with 90 Hudson Street, 70 Hudson is part of the Colgate Center redevelopment project of Jersey City's Waterfront along Hudson Street. The design reflects a modern interpretation of classical elements-- a classic colonnaded portico surrounds the base of the building, though this has been filled with glass. The three part facade also recalls nineteenth and early twentieth century American architecture, which of course also looked back to classic buildings for inspiration.

12 Stories
Completed 2000

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Harborside Financial Center Plaza 4A

Mostly a parking deck, this structure also contains a number of retail level chain restaurants.

10 Stories
Completed 2000

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Harborside Financial Center Plaza 1, 2, 3


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