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Monday, July 27, 2009

Citizens Ready to Rally After Arrests

Last week's statewide raid on corrupt elected officials netted several from Jersey City, including Deputy Mayor Leona Baldini, Council President Mariano Vega and two of Jersey City's former mayoral candidates, Lou Manzo and L Harvey Smith. Mayor Healy also admitted to being JC Official 4 from the court papers and under investigation.

And while the officials have been indicted, much like Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano, Vega is yet to resign his position on the council. Hoboken residents were protesting outside Cammarano's house over the weekend; Jersey City residents plan to rally at City Hall on Wednesday.

Ward E councilman Steven Fulop intends to introduce two resolutions on Wednesday morning, the first calling for a formal request from the council for Vega to resign. The second calls for mayor Healy to open the closed door sessions of the abatement negotiation committee.

The council meeting is being held at 10am Wednesday. Local residents intend to rally outside city hall beginning at 9am.


Friday, July 17, 2009

OX Officially Toast

OX, which had been closed the past week for "vacation" is officially closing. A note left posted outside thanking patrons and staff announced the closing and a for sale sign sums things up. OX was one of Jersey City's finest eateries.


Hamilton Park Renovations

The Hamilton Park renovation has been ongoing for a few months now. Mostly the project has been working on an irrigation system so far, including around the perimeter sidewalks. Unfortunately, a few sample tests of soil have found lead contamination, and the remainder of the park will now need to be tested.

A temporary playground has been set up on property adjacent to the park. The temporary park is being provided by the developers of Hamilton Square.

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Is the Harrison Garage the PATHpocalypse?

A new, 1,400 space parking garage has been going up in Harrison, adjacent to the PATH station. Since 2005, parking around the Harrison station had been dramatically reduced by construction of the Red Bulls Stadium, this parking garage, and preparation for Harrison Commons. 1,400 new commuters will add more than a full train's worth of passengers departing from Harrison.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Newark and Third

213 Newark Avenue

Atomic Wings Taking Baby Steps

The long awaited Atomic Wings on Newark Avenue has removed the paper from the windows, perhaps in anticipation of opening, or maybe just to tease eager residents. Either way there is now furniture-- tables and chairs-- inside, as well as refrigerators for sodas.

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Failed Housewares Store Replaced With New Housewares Store

Kannibal Home, a fancy housewares merchant, has replaced On The Inside, a similar store that closed a few months back. The Montgomery Street shop is tiny, but filled with both home goods and women's apparel. Below, the former shop on the site, On the Inside:

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Bridge to Nowhere Hoboken Almost Ready

The Hudson Reporter notes that the NJ Transit bridge connecting Hoboken and Newport is nearly finished and should be open by August, or two months later than originally anticipated.

The bridge will connect the waterfront walkway over the Long Slip Canal adjacent to the Hoboken Light Rail terminus. The light rail line runs along the south side of the canal and crosses the channel with a separate bridge, also adjacent to the new walkway bridge.

Newport finished their remaining segment of the walkway last year. That segment has not opened though, and currently the walkway only extends as far north as the new rental tower Aqua.

The opening of the bridge may cause the Newport development to shift priorities. The north east quadrant of the development has long been planned as the last stage of development, but the opening of the walkway puts that corner of the property literally next door to the Hoboken PATH, NJ Transit commuter rail, light rail terminus, and ferry slip. The access to transportation may make this property exponentially more valuable, particularly in a down market.

When the bridge opens, the walkway will be more or less continuous from the Goldman Sachs tower north through Hoboken. Currently, a small segment at Second Street is closed during construction of Crystal Point, a luxury rental tower in Jersey City. Another segment around Newport Center I has no walkway. An ambitious plan floated last year to Connect the Parks in Paulus Hook calls for building a park and bridge over the Morris Canal that would complete another link.


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fireworks, and more Fireworks

Tonight there will be two major fireworks displays in the area. Macy's is shooting off fireworks in the Hudson this year, and not the East River. Jersey City is again shooting of fireworks from Liberty State Park.

The Macy's Fireworks go off at 9pm, and the best viewing areas will be from Hoboken and North. Jersey City's shoreline will be a little too far south for the best views.

The Jersey City fireworks will be sent off at 9:15 from Liberty State Park, accessible by light rail. As usual, viewers in the downtown along the canal will likely see most, though not all of these fireworks.

Road closures begin at 6PM. Road closures in Jersey City will begin as early as 6, afterward, only residents with valid residential ID's will be allowed to drive East of Marin Blvd or South of Montgomery Street, so be sure to have your proof of residency, and tell your friends to arrive before then. Traffic on the Fourth is always pretty bad, but with the Macy's display on the Hudson this year, expect additional travel problems. Mass transit works best, or walking.

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