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Friday, November 21, 2008

Frozen Puddle Re-Opens in Newport

The sad little skating rink in Newport opens for the season today. The miniature rink was intended to attract non-Newport residents to the retail stores at the north end of the development, overlooking the fact that customers probably want interesting retail options, not a skating rink.

Skating at Newport will set you back a $5 admission fee and $5 rental. Skating at Bryant Park is Free.

Newport Skates


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Port Authority Reps to be Abused at Community Meeting

Representatives from the Port Authority will be attending the Van Vorst Park Association meeting tonight where local residents are expected to tar and feather them over proposals to shudder weekend World Trade Center PATH service and other maladies caused by the bi-state organization.

Barrow Mansion
83 Wayne Street
Tuesday 7:30 PM
Van Vorst Park Neighborhood Association


Monday, November 17, 2008

Council Considers Street Names, Fails to Address Street Safety

Having solved all the city's other problems, the city council is diligently considering an important new measure: the renaming of part of Morgan Street to Trump Plaza. The stretch of road runs next to Trump Plaza, the half built two tower residential complex on the edge of the Powerhouse District. Meanwhile, the city council has done nothing to address the spate of traffic accidents on local streets. On Friday, a car on Erie Street skidded out of control slamming into several parked cars. But at least under the new measure, Trump Plaza will have a Trump Plaza address.


Police State Threatens Waterfront Park

Some New Jersey legislators have decided to introduce a security bill that would restrict access along the Hudson River waterfront, reports Hoboken Now. The bill seeks to block public access to the waterfront areas near "critical infrastructures," but too vaguely defines restricted access and critical infrastructure, leaving open the possibility that unbuilt sections of the walkway may never be completed and the possibility of closures along the existing park. In Hudson county, only assemblyman L. Harvey Smith voted against the bill; the State Senate is yet to vote.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bike Shop Coming to Grove Street

A vacant store front on Grove Street near First has a construction permit issued to Grove Bicycle.

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As Economy Collapses, Housing Suddenly Abundant

The Harbor Lights development in the Powerhouse Arts District is trying to attract buyers by offering loans directly from the developer to help cover the costs of closing and acquiring a mortgage. Dixon Mills, the rental to condo conversion is hosting a restaurant tasting just to attract prospective buyers to the property.

As the market sours, Jersey City's condominium boom has turned to a glut. Some recently completed towers are half dark at night while construction on other sites like Liberty Harbor North crawls along.

Large rental towers are feeling a hit too. Newport for instance, began heavily advertising online and in subway cars this summer, something the mostly rental complex has avoided. Anecdotal evidence suggests too that Metropolis Towers, another large downtown complex known for traditionally more affordable rents has vacancies rather than waiting lists.

Last year Grove Pointe and 50 Columbus, two of the newest rental towers downtown opened to great fanfare and reports that both towers quickly filled with eager renters providing hope that the downtown market was still solid. It seems a lot has changed in six months as the economy worsens.

The rental market in Jersey City is probably feeling multiple effects. Manhattan rents have actually declined year over year, meaning the handful of renters who still have jobs are moving up. Also, Jersey City's waterfront workforce is largely dependent on financial firms; many of these workers live in the downtown as well. As the financial employees face uncertain futures, Jersey City is getting hit twice, in the office and the residential markets.

Finally, Jersey City has in recent years become a stop over for recent college graduates priced out of Manhattan or trendier Brooklyn neighborhoods. But without new jobs for recent graduates, many of these potential new residents are probably choosing to make their parents their new landlords.

Small time landlords are beginning to notice that properties that once could easily be rented above the previous year's leasing price are sitting vacant. Still though, many smaller new construction and rehabilitation projects continue moving forward. Renovations on brownstones throughout the historic neighborhoods continue to progress. New construction on Newark Avenue continues-- a crane was recently erected for 215 Newark Avenue, a six story project.

For now, housing has suddenly become a surplus, after years of market driven shortages. Eventually though, the economy will rebound, and the demand for housing will return; the post economic apocalypse surge in demand will certainly drive recently deflated prices above their highs-- and beyond.


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Traffic Accident Erie and Third

A car on Third Street was struck by a north bound car on Erie Street, again. Last week a car struck the house on the northeast corner, much like Friday's accident on Second Street, or last year's accident on Erie and Second and Erie and Third.

So far the Jersey City has failed to address the issue of traffic accidents on Erie Street. Luckily, no one has yet been killed. Also luckily, Mayor Healy and the entire council face an election in 6 months.


Friday, November 07, 2008

Hamilton Square Jitney Strikes Car

A Hamilton Square jitney bus strike a car at Second Street this afternoon shortly after 4pm, closing Grove Street. The jitney was traveling south on Manila / Grove Street. Second Street has a stop sign while Grove Street does not; however, drivers on Grove Street frequently speed through the intersections much as they do on Erie.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Returns Beginning at 8PM

Hudson County is one of the more advanced counties when it comes to providing ordinary citizens with election night results. The Clerk's Website provides fairly up to date election returns as the data comes in. No doubt Hudson County's electronic voting machines help. In the past, the clerk's website begins showing some returns shortly after polls close at 8PM.

Chances are that Hudson County will be voting heavily for Obama and the Democratic slate. The real question of interest however, is how high will the percentage of voter turnout be. Anecdotal evidence suggests record breaking turn out this year. Hudson County reports 351,491 registered voters, and the Clerk's website will offer a total voter turnout number, absentee turnout, and most importantly, provisional ballots cast.

Provisional ballots could make returns a long night. Voters who are turned away from the normal polling booths can request a provisional ballot which is cast, and tallied later. If the provisional ballots cast are greater than the margin of victory, then the provisional ballots will need to be counted. First however, each provisional ballot must be determined as having been cast by a legitimate voter.

Either way, stay tuned to the Hudson County Clerk's Live Election Coverage.


Poll Lines Two Blocks Long

Polling stations for District 13, 14, and 15 at Grace Van Vorst Church in downtown Jersey City

Polls have been open for two hours in Jersey City and lines at polling places are two blocks long and continuing to grow. Turn out will clearly be astronomically high.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Long Lines, Confusion Expected at Polling Places

Record voter turnout is expected to cause long lines at polling places across the country. Confusion for first time voters may add to problems. The division of elections should have sent sample ballots with poll locations to residents; some people have not yet received their sample ballots.

Luckily, New Jersey residents can locate their polling place on the state Division of Elections website (Note that numbered streets downtown require numerals; do not spell out the street name. For example, enter "1st Street", not "First Street").

Meanwhile, several Jersey City voting wards in the downtown change locations last year. Parts of Hamilton Park and Newport residents have the opportunity to vote in the Holland Garden housing projects; some might argue this was a political stunt to benefit the machine (we're looking at you, Mr. Mayor).

Any voter denied the right to vote can insist on receiving a provisional ballot.

A commenter pointed out that the Metropolis Towers polling place still lists a Henderson Street address, which no long exists.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

PATH Serice Extra Scary For Halloween

The Port Authority surpassed many expectations on Halloween night providing extra abysmal service even by PATH standards. Inbound 33rd Street trains were packed with Halloween revelers making late evening trains seem like morning rush hour. But the real horror was not to come until 3:30 in the morning. Instead of providing additional trains to accommodate late night ghosts and ghouls, the Port Authority simply crammed overflowing crowds into Jersey bound PATH cars. One train took more than an hour to get from 14th Street to 9th Street where passengers were kept locked in the cars until someone had the sense to pull the emergency lever.


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