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Friday, July 20, 2007

Restaurant Week Starts Monday

For all the foodies, Monday marks the beginning of Hudson County's Restaurant Week. Similar to New York's version, restaurant week features prix-fixe meals for various eateries in Jersey City, Hoboken, and elsewhere along the Gold Coast. For a full list of participating restaurants, prix-fixe pricing, and available days, visit Hudson Restaurant Week. Be warned, not every prix-fixe menu is a deal. Check out many of the restaurants' regular menus at Hudson Menus before making your reservations.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MSN Updates Jersey City Aerial Photography

If you're a big map dork like we are, you'll be excited that MSN updated their aerial photography of Jersey City. With all the new construction in the downtown, aerial photography is being outdated every few months. One area of interest is the Liberty Harbor area where whole new streets are being created. The updated photos now show a few new blocks of the area from early last year.

Google maps hasn't been updated since the Goldman Sachs tower was under construction-- which is fun for comparison. Take a look at Google and then compare to the completed tower on MSN.

There is also the Trump Tower and Athena Condos on MSN but not Google. Closer to Grove Street, the foundations for Grove Pointe and Columbus Tower are on MSN but neither are under construction in Google


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