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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Dan Becht Tapped For Utility Authority; Shit Happens

The Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority hired Dan Becht to serve as the executive director for a mere $100,000.

"The Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority pledges to operate and maintain its sewerage and water facilities in a fashion that will protect the public health and environment of all its constituents. It will always strive to accomplish this goal in the most competent, economical and compassionate manner possible." JCMUA Mission Statemet


Compromise Reached Over Newport Parking Fees; Mall Still Sucks

Three cheers to everyone involved for striking a deal with the owners of the Newport Mall-- Jersey City residents can now get a dollar discount for parking in the mall garage.

The discount was negotiated by Councilman Steven Fulop who was hoping to get his name in the local newspapers. Residents will have to present a valid driver's license as proof of residency to get the dollar off. And the garage cashier won't be authorized to give the discount. Instead, folks will need to go to the mall information desk where waiting on line will likely surpass the 3 hour limit.

Meanwhile, Jersey Gardens, Garden State Plaza, and Willowbrook mall still offer free parking, and unlike Newport, don't suck. [Well, Jersey Garden's does, but at least the parking is free].


Monday, November 14, 2005

Artists Skeptical Of Hoboken As The Promised Land

One of the new developments in Hoboken's backwater has promised space for artists, many former residents at 111 First Street in Jersey City. For now it seems the developers are hoping that the artists will help bring in higher rents for the luxury developments they are building. After all, at least for now, the many yuppies they hope to attract will need a buffer between them and the Hoboken housing projects.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Light Rail Credited With Mini Real Estate Boom

Amid rumors of living in a real estate bubble, the Hudson Bergen Light Rail is being credited with further inflating property values along its route. Hoboken's seedy underbelly below the Palisades has been cited as an example of how the rail line is bringing revitalizing to many areas that otherwise would still be decrepit industrial sites. All we can say is: "obviously". Meanwhile, we're still left to wonder though why there is no talk of building additional light rail lines.


Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Vote Today

Today you should be voting between 6AM and 8PM. The big choice on the ballot is for the next Governor of New Jersey. Jon Corzine, a Democrat, is a Hoboken resident. Doug Forrester, a Republican, is not a Hoboken resident.

The real question that's burning in our mind is that if Corzine wins, will he give up his swank Hoboken single's pad and move into Drumthwacket, the official residence of the Governor?

Christmas Comes Early To Downtown, Santa Clause Still Not Real

If you are one of those people who are disgusted by Hallmark's unveiling of Christmas tree ornaments in July, then we'd advise avoiding Downtown Jersey City until you think Christmas decorations are appropriate. We've noticed, and Genius Lessons has captured in pictures the conversion of the downtown into a Christmas wonderland. We expect the Easter Bunny will be making an appearence in the next few days.

Via Dojo-Mojo


Jersey City Decides Seizing Neighborhood Business For Catholic School Not Such A Hot Idea

After weeks of discussing the use of eminent domain to seize a local bar for use by a Roman Catholic High School, the city has relented and decided to allow the bar to stay.

Pedestrians Get Traffic Light, Parked Cars To Get Tickets

Hoboken's PATH station is not particularly pedestrian friendly, or at least, for pedestrians not willing to make cars stop for them [experience shows us that cars will stop if you walk in front of them]. A traffic light has been erected at Hudson Place to allow pedestrians to cross.

Meanwhile, another "pedestrian friendly" initiative is to ensure cars are not parked within 25 feet of a crosswalk, which in Hoboken essentially means that street parking will be prohibited. Good luck finding a space.

Grass Roots Could Crush Council's Back Room Deals

Hoboken's recent controversial rent control ordiance changes may very well be reversed by a referendum in the near future. Former mayoral candidate Dan Thumpson delivered 70 pages of signatures to the clerks office. That's 1,500 people who support a referendum. The changes to rent control ordinances which limit tenants' ability to collect reimbursements for illegal rent charges came weeks before several of the council members were accused of illegally raising rates on their own rental properties. Aren't you glad you voted for them last May?

Friday, November 04, 2005

PATH to get new Cars: Will Still Run Late, Smell Like Last Night's Vomit

JCVibe is reporting that the PATH is scheduled to get new rail cars with a number of features most subway systems have had for decades, but which have been lacking on the under appreciated PATH for sometime. The new cars will be close cousins of the cars running on the MTA's 4,5,6 line. That's as close as the PATH will get though to being the NYC subway, and transfers will still cost you $2. Except on weekends in December, during which the MTA will be blowing its surplus on discounts for tourists. PS, your mother-in-law is coming to town to take advantage of the discount.


Automated Garage Gets Staff Members

Hoboken's troubled automated parking garage has added several staff members in the hope that other cars will not be destroyed. The company that built the garage has insisted many of the problems can be attributed to a lack of care in maintaining the garage.


Construction of WTC PATH Station Begins

Despite the many ceremonies at the site of the World Trade Center, until yesterday, very little work had been done on rebuilding the the site. But now ground has broken for the new PATH terminal. Don't get you hopes up though, family members of victims of the world trade center have forgotten there are still living people who use the World Trade Center PATH and have filed a lawsuit to stop the construction.


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Light Rail Opens Station Past Hoboken, In other News, There Are Places Past Hoboken

The Hudson-Bergen Light Rail line will officially extend up to Weehawken as of this weekend. Congressman Menendez was on hand referring to the opening of the station as "more than a celebration of a rail stop," adding that it was also a celebration of Jon Corzine leaving the Senate and making a vacancy available. Meanwhile, ridership between Hoboken and Weehawken should make the Camden-light rail seem like a stunning success story.

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Hoboken Projects to Get Security Upgrades

The Hoboken Housing Authority is set to to make security improvements at local projects in an effort to increase public safety. Still no word as to when the projects will be converted to luxury lofts.


Hoboken To Wait Another 90 Days on Rent Control Issue

The rent control issue that has been facing tenants in Hoboken, specifically a statute of limitations on collecting over billed rent, has been postponed as result of legal action under taken by a local renter's advocate.


Mall Parking Fees: Survey Says "Free"

When Newport Mall raised its parking fees last week, we were appalled, less so because of the fee increase and more so that people actually go to Newport to shop. Meanwhile, the Jersey Journal did a survey and the results are in. 66% of respondants said they would go to the mall more often if the mall were free. 130% said that even with free parking, the Newport Mall still sucks.

Village Voice Crosses Hudson River

The Village Voice has taken the time to cross the Hudson River and ventured into Hoboken. Choice quotation: "[The PATH], late at night, predictability wanes, making the F train seem as punctual as a Buckingham guard by comparison." It makes you laugh because its true.

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