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Monday, October 24, 2005

Mall To Revisit Parking Fee Issue, Shoppers Promise Not To Revisit Mall

The Newport Mall's recent decision to raise fees for parking might be revisited, though no effort to turn the mall into a place that people actually want to shop at will be made. In what might not surprise anyone at this point, Councilman Steve Fulop, or one of his many clones, somehow turned up. Fulop is watching you.

Hoboken Garage Eats a Jeep, Asks For Seconds

Hoboken's automatic parking garage that last week we mentioned for its failure to return cars to its owners has destroyed a jeep after the vehicle fell four stories inside the building. The Parking Garage has been understaffed, according to the company that built it, or if you ask the city, the parking garage has never worked properly.


Bloomberg: World Trade Center Doesn't Need Silverstein

New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg blasted developer Larry Silvstein's involvment in the the rebuilding of the World Trade Center site. Of course, let us not forget that the World Trade Center was owned by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. When the trade center was built, a compromise was reached where the Port Authority would take over the operation of the money losing Hudson Tubes [now PATH].

While it may seem crass to suggest politicizing the WTC redevelopment project, its probably time New Jersey asserted itself and got something in return. The role of the Port Authority, Larry Silverstein, The City of New York, The State of New Jersey and the dozens of other parties involved is still not quite clear. But while the trade center was in Manhattan, New Jersey was still entitled to a piece of that.

Meanwhile, the one benefit New Jersey residents and PATH riders were deriving from the whole process was a better subway service from the WTC transportation hub. But true to form, the MTA has already scaled back the scope of the hub terminal, and now several key subway connections in the area may not even been included in the final plan.

If as has been suggested, some downtown subway lines were not to connect to the WTC terminus, New Jersey should probably start throwing around its weight with the Port Authority and getting a piece of the pie. For one thing, PATH could be extended past the WTC, further penetrating into Manhattan, or perhaps connecting with the proposed Second Avenue subway line. Or perhaps, New Jersey could get the often talked about Newark Airport PATH extension.

We agree with Bloomberg that Silverstein has got to go. But we also think its probably time that New York's politcians started paying closer attention to New Jersey; after all, six of the twelve P.A. commissioners are from New Jersey.

Some final thoughts:

Dear Mayor Mike,
If Larry Silverstein is still a problem, we hear the Giants are building a new stadium. Your welcome.
New Jersey.

Hoboken Rent Control Ordinances Pass Despite Possible Conflicts, Then Gets Sued

The much talked about rent control ordinance changes was passed by Hoboken's council, despite recent revelations that three of the council members are landlords with a questionable history of following the existing rent control laws themselves. Shortly after the ordiance was passed, Hoboken was sued. Good Government surrenders.


Light Rail to Rid World Of Drugs, World Hunger

Another passenger on the light rail who failed to produce a ticket stub was arrested for having Crystal Meth making the light rail one of the most effective anti-drugs. In other news, the Light Rail line apparently extends to someplace where people use Crystal Meth, otherwise known as Iowa.


Thursday, October 20, 2005

"Lost" Rent Control Forms From Hoboken Council Members Actually Not

Three Hoboken council people accused of having incomplete property ownership records have accused the city's rent control office of losing the paperwork. Not so, says the head of the city's rent control board, demanding that the council members prove they actually filed the reports. In other news, the city council is rumored to be looking into replacing the head of the rent control office.

Newport Mall Confuses Itself With Someplace People Actually Want To Go, Raises Parking Rates

The Newport Mall is raising parking rates ensuring that the last five people who actually shop at the mall will not be returning this holiday season. Malls in Paramus, Wayne, and Woodbridge still offer free parking.

MTA Gives Tourists Fare Holiday, Promises Locals To Get Fare Hike

Having solved all the other problems with New York's subway system, the MTA is looking into granting a fare holiday to riders of the subway and local buses on weekends between Thanksgiving and the New Year. The fare holiday is in lieu of improving weekend service, which is particularly abominable during the holiday season when trains are cramped with midwestern tourists in cowboy hats. Meanwhile, the MTA is still expected to announce a major fare increase as early as next year, and has been pushing a November ballot question that would give the authority nearly $3 billion through a bond referendum.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Retaurant Row Approved

The council voted to extend drinking hours of bars along Newark Avenue creating a restaurant row. Essentially the ordiance allows restaurants to serve alcohol beyond the 11pm curfew previously enforced, to 2 a.m. on weeknights and 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. The intent is that new restaurants will open along Newark Avenue, further revitalizing the area. Alcohol after all, is critical in a restaurant's profitability. Meanwhile, some local residents were against the move, fearing noise and traffic, insisting that Dollar Stores and homeless people were critical to preserving the neighborhood's character.

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Hoboken Could Be Sitcom Star, Rumored To Be Engaged, Pregnant, and Producing New Rap Album

Two New Jersey comics are hoping to make Hoboken the star of a new sitcom. The pitch involves an Italian-American family with creators Mike Marino and Sarit Catz hoping to sell the pilot for the 2006 season.


To The Surprise Of None, Hoboken Officials Accused Of Violating Rent Control Laws They Hoped To Change

The Hoboken City council has been discussing changing rent control laws, including a statute of limitations on collecting past overages, for the last few months now. The Jersey Journal brought to light records showing three council members accused of doing the very thing their proposed ordinances would make legal. It almost makes you wish Hoboken's council faced a November election.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Montgomery Street Condo Listed

We've been following the construction of new condos on Montgomery Street and have found the listing from Del Forno real estate. Units start at $399,000. Interestingly enough, the indoor, basement level pool we've noticed as result of last week's deluge is not mentioned.


Dog Park Plans Sketched Out, Cat Owners Expected To Demand "Cat Run" next

Dojo-Mojo has come across the sketch of the new Van Vorst Park dog run on Ward E Councilman Steven Fulop's page.


Port Authority To Finish Walkway

The waterfront between Jersey City and Hoboken has for years been disconnected despite promises of an uninterrupted public park spanning the Hudson River Coast. Now it seems the Port Authority has agreed to spend $1.5 Million on the walkway. Construction will begin next year, and will be completed sometime in the next century.

Hoboken Names New Historic District

Hoboken's Castle Point Terrace has been nominated for historic district status paving the way for preservation of two blocks along Hudson Street.


Briefly Noted

Hoboken Terminal To Get Transit Village: For "Transit Village", Read "Condos"

NJTransit has given a contract to a Philadelphia based firm to create a master plan for redeveloping the historic terminal. LCOR, the real estate firm, will produce the master plan in exchange for development rights.

"Hoboken Mayor David Roberts said plans for the terminal could include a historical museum and even a trolley that would loop around the city."

But will likely only include condos and The Gap.

The Hoboken Reporter has a bit more as does The [Bergen] Record.


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Real Question Is Can You Con The Con Man?

Dojo-Mojo has asked the question "Can You Con Me?" Well no, Dojo, you can't. But can you con the con man?

Auto-Garage Eats Cars, Spits Out Owners, Threatens To Destroy the World

Hoboken made headlines a few years back when an automated parking garage was built in the city which could store more cars in the tight area than a conventional garage. It seems though, everything is not as peachy as once thought. The garage keeps breaking down leaving car owners stranded.

Some props to the Jersey Journal for insertaing a Kubrick reference in a news story about a parking garage.

Via Mr. Snitch!


Hoboken Stores' Fate In Hands Of Consultants: Doomsday Clock Starts

Washington Street store fronts have apparently been vacated over the last few years as soaring rents push out stores. Hoboken is taking action: they've hired a consulting firm. Rest assured, with high priced consultants on the case, Hoboken's downtown will be safe.


News Briefs

Monday, October 10, 2005

Jersey City Ranked 2nd Among Real Cities, 90th When You Include Big Square States And Places West of The Deleware

Apartment took the time to rank cities based on "livability and satisfaction." We don't give the survey too much credence since the the number one city was Releigh, NC, which is barely a city at all.

Jersey City came in at number 90, which is relatively very respectable since New York was 89 and and New Haven 91. But still, we suppose we're a bit insulted [since we've visited New Haven]. And keep in mind, if you were living in the second best city on the list, you'd still be living in Michigan.


Montgomery Street Condo Update

Last week we mentioned a new building going up on Montgomery street, half a block west of City Hall. It seems the building recieved a third floor on the very day we mentioned it.

We're guessing that this is the final floor that will be added since another floor would surpass the height of neighboring apartments.


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Justice Comes To The Hague

JerseyCityVibe has listed some more information about the Jersey City Medical Center revitalization project. The Art Deco building is a little outside of the area we consider our coverage zone, but we also can't ignore a project of this size, especially since we have a fondness for Art Deco.

The project's scope is a massive renovation to turn the sprawling hospital complex into condos, rentals, and retail space that just might be large enough to cause a domino effect throughout the area.

Guys Named Steve Fight It Out Over Embankment

Councilman Steven Fulop wants developer Steve Hyman to pay for the city lawyer investigating the sale of the Sixth Street Embankment. Hyman wants to build condos, Fulop it seems is taking up the advocacy of park supporters.

New Condos Crop Up On Montgomery Street

For months, a small lot on Montgomery Street across from the renovated Majestic Theater, now also condos, had a large sign promising condos coming soon. It seemed though that little had been going on all summer long, with the only the small structure seen below in the background:

That left us wondering just exactly was going on there. But all has been revealed in the last weeks when the remaining two thirds of the lot recieved a foundation, then a first floor, and now a second floor.

After months of hibernation, the lot now looks like it could be ready within a few months.


The Wi-Fi Question

Hoboken blogger Mister Snitch has raised the subject of free, cheap, and commercial citywide Wi-Fi internet. Which brings up a little suggestion we'd like to make to our own city government: bring free municipal wi-fi to Jersey City.

Philidelphia is getting it. San Fransisco is getting it. Dozens of smaller towns across the west already have it. So why not bring it to Jersey City?

Wi-Fi, the highspeed wireless internet connection that has been integrated into nearly every laptop sold over the last few years can bridge the gap between rich and poor, create incentives for new businesses, and is generally seen as a hip new way to raise a cities profile.

Its no secret that Jersey City has been attempting to draw business away from the Big Apple. Providing corporate executives the ability to read email and stay connected to their offices even when they are enjoying a cup of coffee in one of Jersey City's local cafes might just be the perk that lures their entire business to the waterfront.

And then there are the social implications. Its also no secret that there is tension between Jersey City's newest residents-- those inhabiting the luxury highrises-- and older sections of the city. Yet, a project like free citywide Wi-Fi can level the technological gap between rich and poor by providing a service that everyone can benefit from. Children with internet at home do better in school and employees are more productive. Since Wi-Fi technology is several years old, it is a technology that is generally available at an affordable price.

So we'll say we think Jersey City should join the growing list of municipalities that provide their citizens with wi-fi.

Hoboken Rent Control Lives To See Another Day

Hoboken had been considering removing two family homes from rent control, but it now seems the council has reversed their decision. Also postponed was a statute of limitations on reimbursing rent in cases where it had been illegally raised.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

New York Cabs Threaten Strike

Fuel costs are hitting cab drivers, say their union who are considering a strike if the Taxi and Limousine Commission does not raise fares. Also causing friction is the proposal to install GPS units in taxi cabs. Meanwhile, your cab driver still insists he can't cross the Hudson River without an introduction to Ben Franklin.

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