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Friday, July 29, 2005

New PATH Station Modeled On Giant Plastic Comb

The Port Authority has released finalized plans for the more than $2 billion World Trade Center station. The Port Authority has promised uniterrupted service while the new station is under construction. The station, the brain child of overated architect Santiago Calatrava has gone under several redesigns in light of concerns of terrorism.

"The transportation hub will be operational in 2009 and eventually will serve more than 80,000 daily PATH riders. The terminal will be a full-service regional transportation hub that will feature seamless pedestrian connections to existing and future transportation infrastructure, such as ferry service at the World Financial Center and Metropolitan Transportation Authority subway lines."


Duffle Bag Search: Day 5

In honor of day 5 of subjecting area commuters to random searches, we felt it was time for an online poll. We're just like CNN.

Lacking Enough of Its Own Controversy, Hoboken Imports it From Connecticut

The Executive Director of Hoboken's Housing authority is getting his ass fired for having been caught distributing contracts to relatives. Yet, the likely successor seems to have problems of her own.

Colin Vice came to the Garden State from Bridgeport, Connecticut, where she too was accused of awarding contracts to relatives.

Vice promised that if she were promoted, she would absolutely not get caught handing out contracts to relatives.

Well it looks like we fucked up. The Exec Director isn't actually being fired for getting caught doing anything. In our haste to bring you the news, we must have glossed over the article. But hey, its Hoboken. Can you blame us for coming to the conclusion that a city official was caught in a corrupt, nepotistic scandal? Well, maybe we should have realized something was wrong with our logic when we said he was getting fired. The new hypothesis: The Exec Director is getting his ass fired for NOT handing out contracts to friends and family. We're just kidding. We don't know anything about that.

Fear, Poor Schmuck's Box of Clothes Snarls Traffic

Traffic along JFK Blvd. was tied up for thirty minutes turning Jersey City into a parking lot last night while the local bomb squad was busy blowing up a box of clothing.

The retired fire instructor who spotted the package and set off the alarm said,
"I have training in weapons of mass destruction, so I know what to look for,"
Clearly, as old dirty clothes can be hazardous to your fashion sense.

Miracle On 3rd Street

Hoboken could be the next site for crazed religious zealots to flock to. A statue of Jesus mysteriously opened its eyes and was seen crying. The apocalypse is now.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Duffle Bag Watch: Day 4

To be honest, we sort of thought that by now the random bag searching would have lost its novelty and the various authorities would have by now moved on to actually doing something to prevent terrorism, like you know, investigating genuine threats. But since they're still searching, we're still writing about it.

Earlier this week,'s Transit Blog had Gone Around the Internet searching for what people had to say, including What we said.

And so we went to JC List to see what the folks over there were saying

We found some interesting point of views worth sharing:

"I think we should all just go naked."

"In fact, all mass transit is inherently unsafe. It should be dismantled and replaced with 2 story elevated superhighways."

A Tree Grows In Hamilton Park

Friends of Hamilton Park will be busy Planting trees, flowers and other goodies on Saturday starting at 9am. They are of course looking for volunteers to help out, and they'll even bribe you with a free lunch. When was the last time you got a free lunch?

Via JC List

State To Go After Hoboken Geeks, Dorks

A chess club run by a local Hoboken man is under attack from an irrate mother who thinks the club is more of a camp, and therefore should be licensed by the state. This of course never stopped her from writing a check and dropping her kid off.

The club has been successful at turning out winners-- the top three students have 45 wins in state tournaments. And the city has been supportive, dedicating chess tables in local parks.

Of course for a town with a reputation as a post fraternity night spot with more bars than bookstores, is it any surprise the pocket protector wearing crowd is getting picked on?

Hoboken Chess Club

$6 Billion Tunnel Approved To Bring Passengers To Macy's

For years, New Yorkers have flocked to the garden state to shop at malls without the oppressive city sales tax. New Jersey Transit is hoping to reverse that trend by running the Bergen, Main, and Pascack Valley line directly Macy's on 34th Street.

The new proposed tunnel is seen as a victory for rail riders, since it will more than double peak capacity of 41,000 riders to 86,000. At the same time, many rail commuters are dissappointed the train will not connect to the eastside or Grand Central Station. The biggest obstacle to connecting to the east side of Manhattan was not just money, but the MTA. In reality, the MTA probably didn't want the rail connection made because many passengers would no longer need to pay their $2 to ride the subway if NJ Transit connected directly to Grand Central.

We aren't entirely sure how this new tunnel will be connecting to New York, or more importantly, if the end result will be to by-pass Hoboken terminal. NJ Transit very vaguely states the tunnel will be south of the existing tunnel and run under the palisades and deep under the Hudson river. This really could mean anything.

In either case, we do think a new tunnel connection is more than needed. [We'd argue there is a need for several more tunnels]. But as of now there is still no target date for completion, so it very well may be our grandchildren who benefit from this project.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dumpy Old Building To Be Replaced With Dumpy New Building

Mister Snitch! points out that the Clam House, a semi historically significant building was originally going to be replaced by a knock off historical building. But apparently, that plan is being changed once again.

Duffle Bag Watch: Day 3

Police in New Jersey are very proud of their 1,100 bag searchs yesterday. Meanwhile, flaws in the system persist. For instance, at Grove street PATH, police were checking bags to passengers entering one side of turnstiles, but not the other. Still no bombs have been found.


Light Rail Runs Down Woman

The Hudson Light Rail claimed its first victim yesterday when a northbound train ran a woman over. Hair and the woman's hand were seen along the tracks. Meanwhile, NJ Transit officials insist that had the woman been subjected to an invasive bag search, she would be alive today.


Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Residents Still Starving For Grocery Stores

At the beginning of this month, we reported that Fresh Direct had arrived in Jersey City at select addresses. We saw our first truck dropping off the goods this weekend.

Apartment Therapy currently has a Fresh Direct Poll asking how often people use the service, and why they hate it if they don't.

We'll admit it, we still haven't had the chance yet to order from Fresh Direct, but every time we visit the shoprite, we swear the next time we buy groceries, its going to be online.

Via Curbed

Views: Essex Street Light Rail

The light rail ambles down Essex Street in Jersey City.

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Explosives Found On First Day Of Bag Searches!

After just one day of searching bags, police found explosives in a duffle bag. Of course, the explosives were fireworks. While technically illegal, the fireworks are not exactly the major threat everyone was expecting to find.

Meanwhile, officials were very pleased to have search more than 1,000 bags during the morning rush. To put this in perspective, when the World Trade Center station reopened, 25,000 people were passing through the station. Sure, not every passenger has a bag, but are we the only ones who think searching 1/25 of the passengers arriving in the WTC is not at all effective?

Bag searching has been a hot topic on message boards as reported Posters to the board have ranged from people wondering why it took so long to have searches to people arguing it violates their rights. While we tend to lean towards the latter, ou bigger concern is that bag searching makes us no safer while trying to make us feel good. We'd rather see non-invasive chemical sensors, bomb sniffing dogs, and better preventative measures, all of which are much more effective. But hey, that's just us. Enjoy your commute.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Hoboken Bought For 30 Pieces of Gold, Swimming Pool

Hoboken will be getting a swimming pool care of developer Tarragon URSA in an attempt to bribe the city into letting it redevelop vacant, contaminated industrial sites.

The West Side of Hoboken along the newly laid Hudson Light Rail is prime real estate for new development. Mostly old industrial buildings, we have to wonder why there is so much opposition to a plan to clean up otherwise vacant, low tax paying land.

"many in the activist community say that Hoboken is short on open space...
...They added that the area might become overloaded with high density, high-rise residential housing."

Hoboken is still a city, and with the ever growing price of housing, new development is the best and only way to relieve high rents. Open space and parks might be lovely, but the only people who can live there will be the homeless folks who can't afford double digit rent hikes.

Besides, has everyone forgotten that Hoboken is nearly broke? Turning a contaminated industrial site into a park costs a lot of money, and parks don't pay taxes. And finally, there are still lots of places in this state better suited for open space preservation.

You Have Nothing Better To Do

Dojo Mojo has again graced us with a list of events going on in and around the area. Of particular interest is Hudson Restaurant Week where you can eat cheap at a number of fine establishments.

Speaking of a Million Dollars

One of our reader's last week was kind enough to send us his latest real estate experience with the Toll Brother's new building, Maxwell Place.

"Most units are over $800/sqft. With some of the nicer high-floor waterfront views nearing $1000/sqft. 1BR units for over $1m... who knows, maybe in 2010 when it's actually done the price will be a bargin."

Maxwell Place.

NJ Transit, Port Authority, MTA Say Constitution Does Not Apply To Them

In light of recent bombings in London, regional transit authorities have decided to start random searches on all mass transit riders.

We'd like to take a moment to mourn the passing of an old friend:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

So much for freedom.

Its Hot, C-Town Hotter

C-Town's refrigerated units were too hot to store food and hundreds of pounds of food was tossed away for improper storage. When will we get a real grocery store?

Jersey City Goes To the Carribean

We were too busy carrying bookcases along the West Indian Parade route to take any photographs. In what is becoming a tradition though, Dojo Mojo has put online a nice selection of photos from the West Indian Carnival.

Dojo Mojo writes:
"Our friends in Brooklyn are rather proud of their Carnaval, but we'd like to think that JC can hold its own." And of course, the bonus is, you didn't have to go to Brooklyn.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Our Subway Is Just as Good As Your Subway

Earlier this week we pointed to TIWWDN's guide to the suwbay. Not to be outdone, Genius Lessons has come up with A Guide to the PATH.

West Indian Parade Coming To JC

A West Indian Parade will march through downtown Jersey City Saturday morning. We know this, because we came across bright red signs telling us we would be unable to park on our street between 10 am and 4 pm.

Campaign Contributors Get Contracts: Are Your Surprised?

Hoboken municipal contracts have gone out to campaign contributors. This is most definately not news in New Jersey.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hoboken: Uber Park Edition

Mister Snitch! points out that the city of Hoboken is trying to make people think it is really a giant park.

Meanwhile, the giant park is expected to crawl across the Hudson River, climb the Empire State Building, and swat bi-planes out of the sky.

More Drama At 111 First Street

The JC Historic commission stopped the demolition of 111 First Street, the old factory that once housed artists, but that the owner has been pushing to redevelop. Sure it sucks that the developer kicked the artists out and let the building deteriorate. But have an old and busted vacant building in the heart of a residential and business district sucks more. We're getting tired of this fight, and think its time the building was either refurbished or replaced, but fighting about it isn't helping the city. If it will get the job done faster, we say the structure should be torn down, the developer fined, and the area revitalized. Of course, if the developer isn't allowed just to tear the building down, we'll be having this discussion long after the next time New York City gets the olypmpics...

Festival Leaves Chalky Taste In Mouth

Sidwalks around exchange place were covered with chalk. 300 people had nothing better to do than draw with chalk on sidewalks. In other news, at least 300 hipsters reside in Jersey City.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Running Late? Call Ahead: Cellular Service Restored To Tunnels

Anyone who rides the Port Athority controlled PATH and then gets on an MTA Subway knows that MTA does things better [albiet, not much better]. So last week when we wrote that MTA Tunnels had cellular signals but Port Authority Tunnels [Think Holland Tunnel] had turned off cellular service.

Apparently, we aren't the only ones who thought the idea was just a superficial way to make us feel better about security. The Port Authority has reportedly restroed service it its tunnels, proving once again that the MTA knows best and Port Authority is just a whiney six year old cousin.


Come on ride the train, hey ride it, woo woo

Even though This is What We Do Now had some not so nice things to say about the west coast of the Hudson River, we still find ourselves reading this rag. TIWWDN has a Guide to Riding the Subway. Sure, he never mentions the PATH by name, but it is a subway, and some PATH riders might benefit from reading it.

Just When You Thought Everything That Could Have A Website Had One

The Sixth Street embankment that crosses through the Harsimus historic district in downtown Jersey City has been the center of attention lately. Metro Homes has been looking to turn the embankment into housing. Some residents want a park. And then still others want the structure to be left alone. Now the embankment has its own website.

Reading through this thread on JC List, you'll find quite a number of different perspectives. Some people are calling it an eyesore while others think its a great opportunity to build the world's third elevated park.

Here's a suggestion no one else seems to have made yet: return the embankment to a rail platform.

One of the great challenges of providing mass transit in an existing city is acquiring the land to run rail lines. The Hudson Bergen light rail was built at a time when the downtown of Jersey city was still yet to be fully developed. As it runs into Bayonne, its on the fringe of the city. In Hoboken, the train navigates around the population center on the western edge of the city. On the other hand, the sixth Ave embankment cuts right through a neighborhood that could definately benefit from better transportation.

More importantly, the Sixth Ave embankment could link to rail lines leading to Journal Square. An elevated train above these existing rail lines could continue north or south along JFK Blvd rather than head west as the PATH does, thereby linking by rail large population centers.

We don't mean for this proposal to be taking very seriously, yet, we aren't wrong in saying there is a need for better rail connections throughout Hudson County. So take it for what its worth: no crazier than building an elevated park.

You Thought We Only Cared About Condos

Mister Snitch! points us to a local Hoboken artist's work. We are especially intrigued by the Robot vs. Earth Girl since we are convinced the world will be destroyed by monkey controlled robots.

The Power To Build

Last month, the Supreme Court ruled that cities had the right to sieze private property for private development, not just public projects. With all the new developments along the river front, the issue is a constant threat to property owners in Hoboken and Jersey City.

Several states have rushed into action to create laws limiting the powers of eminent domain within their borders. The NY Times today writes a piece focusing on Stamford, CT., and the success their programs have had since the mid 1960's in ressurecting the urban core of the city.

The article makes a very good point: eminent domain, particularly in cities, is a useful tool, and without it, urban areas like Jersey City may never have seen a rebirth.

Take for instance the Sixth Ave embankment. The city is set to seize the property under eminent domain laws with area residents hoping the land will be turned into a public park. Without eminent domain laws, its likely the embankment would shortly be converted to condos.

Of course, eminent domain has also been used to erect many of the towers in downtown Jersey City and Hoboken. It can be used to seized your home just as easily as a vacant lot.

But in the end new development is good for the city. It brings new businesses, a larger tax base, and brings more money to the core of the city.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

An Ugly Million Dollars

One of our avid readers [or is it the one avid reader] points us to a million dollar Hoboken condo.

"From the outside it's one of the ugliest buildings in the neighborhood, and trust me that's a hot competition."

Apparently, its actually two units joined like siamese twins with exclusive yard use. So if you have $1.18 million, check it out.

Pretty Girls Don't Need to Say Anything

If we were in the business of handing out blog awards, we'd give Dojo-Mojo Best Post Title Ever with They Had Me At Aloha. Anyway, we like following the progress of the Management Company, having spent a good bit of our past life backstage. We're pleased to learn the Star Ledger has discovered Jersey City's version of Broadway this week too.

Previously: Ugly Girls Just Say Hello

Willy Wonka Gets Into Real Estate

The Van Leer Chocolate Factory and Koven Stone Works may soon be converted to condos. The sites sit just below the Heights near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel.

In total, the proposals are calling for nearly a thousand new units and 8,000 feet of retail space. The project will also include several sets of stairs connecting the Heights with the flats of Hoboken and the Holland tunnel entrance area. Several hundred Oompa Loompas will be displaced by the project.


Monday, July 18, 2005

To Do:

Dojo-Mojo has again provided a nice list of things to do in the downtown this week. One item is missing: Thursday, July 21, your editor's birthday. We aren't telling you how old we are because we're either too young or too old to be very happy about it.

Hoboken Demolition Derby

Apparently, mixing 38,000 people in a single square mile makes for a dangerous situation. Averaging 155 collisions a month makes for high insurance rates. In other news, well.. there must not be any other news.

Friday, July 15, 2005

New Signs Required To Prohobit Signage, Complaining

Previously, we noted that Van Vorst Park has an unsually vocal web presence. Now it seems things have escalated in this little strip of green. New Signs explaining rules of the grass have crept up and outraged some folks.

One irrate resident writes:
I have plenty against having really UGLY signs splattered around a relatively nice, wonderfully gardened, historic victorian park.

Some residents have declared all out war on the new signs and it wouldn't surprise us if they were removed in the middle of the night. Apparently, the Parks department has agreed to move the signs. Yet after reading this thread, we're left wondering if there aren't a few members of this neighborhood who might need to up their dose of Paxil.

And You Thought PBS Was Just For Hippies

In our never ending search to gain a better understanding of history, we came across this site about Hoboken's past. Its all part of's promotion of A Walk Through Hoboken. Also included though is an interactive map of Hoboken's landmarks.

Ugly Girls Just Say 'Hello'

Last month we wrote about the Management Company coming to Victory Hall. Their first production, Aloha, Say the Pretty Girls opened last night [we thought it was today, otherwise, we would have told you then]. In either case, Jersey City Vibe has an interview with Amy Patrice Golden, the executive director.

Blogging About Blogging: The Sequel

Because, as we said, blogging about blogging never gets old. The swarm of new area bloggers has slowed, but we still found some for you. Swimming with the Razorfishes comes from Hoboken Blogger Eric Hancock. Then we found Good Jersey City via Jersey City Vibe, but sadly it seems Good Jersey City is no more, since the most recent post is from April. We thought we'd mention it though, just in case a small surge of traffic inspired the author to keep on posting.

Meanwhile, If This is Paradise has found some more interesting pictures of the Hudson Light rail tunnels being constructed in Union city.

Mister Snitch! is a little upset over the lack of coverage the Carnival of New Jersey Bloggers has recieved from Glenn Reynolds.

Mike, of Genius Lessons, was excited last week to moving downtown-- and now it seems he's joining us in the heart of Jersey City.

And with all the rain we've been having, Buttons and Zips wonders about the strange foam oozing from a local apartment building.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Special Place To Meet A Special Someone

Just in case you haven't figured out how to use jDate or eHarmony yet, Philly2Hoboken has outline a guide for Hoboken dating.

-4 out of 5 Hobokenites agree that "dating" is the inbetween stage of "seeing each other" to "exclusively dating".

Readers will have only one question after reading this guide: What about the Hoboken Gang Bang?

History Lesson: Time Is Ticking

We've always been a big fan of history, and some days, [like when we run out of ideas], we turn to google hoping it will teach us something. Today's find is the now historic Colgate Clock along Jersey City's waterfront.

The clock was almost torn down when Goldman Sachs was building their tower. That would have been awful, least of all because we would have needed a new logo.

Facts we found interesting:

Shape inspired by Colgate's Octagon Soap
The surface is 1,963 square feet
The minute hand is 25' 10" long
Built in 1924

Parking Authority Keeps Losing Meters, Blames Thief

Jersey City is having a problem with their parking meters: they keep going missing. Since the meters only have a few dollars on any given day, police suspect a drug addict. Of course, they have overlooked the fact that it just may be a disgruntled resident trying to find a parking spot.

Paying Property Taxes Is So Last Year

Jersey City Vibe has pointed out the Jersey City Council agenda: tax exemptions for everyone! Sure, we tend to think encouraging redevelopment of abandoned buildings is a good thing, and granting tax exemptions for low income [read: low profit] housing is not such a bad idea. But we have to wonder, with the real estate market hotter every day, do luxury apartment towers really need 30 years of tax abatements?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Snitch to Healy: Turn on the Bat Signal

Mister Snitch wants Jersey City to go Hollywood and convince movie executives to shoot the next batman movie at the Art Deco Jersey City Medical Center. We think he might be onto something. Of course, they'll probably just install alot of neon lights and completely ruin the city.

Small Children To Overrun Jersey City

Stevens Cooperative School is opening a campus in Newport signaling the end of childfree yuppie bliss in downtown Jersey City. Soon, sidewalks will be congested with strollers and your favorite bar will be replaced with a Toy Store.



Landmark Hospital Closes, Like All Old Hospitals, To Become Condos

St. Francis, bordering Hamilton Park, is set to become condos.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Art Deco Palace on the Hill

Earlier today we wrote that the revitalization of the old Jersey City Medical Center was about to get a massive tax abatement. We've always been fairly intrigued by the building, partly because of its visibility from the Turnpike, and partly because of our love of Art Deco architecture. So today we thought we would try and find out a little more about the history of the building. The best we came up with was The Hospital That Made A City Sick, the story of Mayor Hague's political machine and how it launched the hospital.

We also came across two more articles about what to expect from the new project:

A New Lease on Life For JC Complex [NY Times]
Medical Center to Become Apartments

Pictures of Jersey City

We're always interested in when someone immortalizes our city in pictures. Today we found a gallery containing a huge selection of landmarks inlcuding the main library, post office, court house, and city hall. There are also plenty of interior pictures too including the lobby of the Stanley Theater and stained glass windows of St. Aloysius.

Lacking Creativity, Hoboken Wants Artists For New Redevelopment Zone

Hoboken is looking to turn part of Observer Highway into a redevelopment zone which would include an artist community. If Jersey City's Warehouse District is any indication of how these things go, local artists in the zone should expect their eviction notices sometime next week.

Port Authority To Block Signals, MTA Says Its Okay

Manhattan bound tunnels controlled by the Port Authority have had cellular reception turned off in an effort to keep bombs from being detonated. Meanwhile, the MTA which controls tunnels within Manhattan has restored cellular signals.

Who's right?

With law enforcement begging the public to be more vigilant and report suspicious activity, it doesn't seem to make much sense to turn cellular signals off. By the time commuters exit the tunnels, many will have forgotten they saw anything out of place or even worse, an event may occur before anyone can report activity to authorities. Besides that, there is more than one way to skin a cat. Anyone who grew up watching MacGyver [coincidentally, now on DVD], would know that a bomb can be built and detonated using duct tape and materials available at the grocery store. Any determined terrorist is not going to be deterred because their dial-a-bomb plot has been foiled.

2,243 Condos To Recieve Tax Abatement

The ancient Jersey City Medical Center, a prominant feature of the Jersey City's Western Skyline is set to be converted to market rate condos and retail space. The city council is about to approve a 30 year tax abatement for the project.

Is this a sign that gentrification is headed the western reaches of our city or will this project merely be an island of wealth in the sea of urban decay? We tend to think that city planners are right in thinking the project could spur development, but other problems are likely to rise.

Unlike the downtown, Baldwin Avenue is rather far from a PATH terminal or light rail. With 65,000 square feet of retail space planned, the stores will need customers coming from beyond the local pedestrian community: ultimately, the project will be bringing a significant influx of vehicle traffic to the area.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Cardboard Box To Replace PATH Terminal

After the Freedom Tower Fiasco, you may not be surprised to learn that the ambitious PATH terminal at the World Trade Center is also going to be redisgned. What was going to be an impressive steal and glass structure has been gutted:

"the soaring glass-and-steel wings have been trimmed to mere stumps (think deli awning), and, worse, the entire project is now on hold pending the accrual of funds and the cessation of the architect's hissy fit."

So much for PATH riders entering Manhattan in style. Next week: Port Authority to announce PATH riders can go fuck themselves.

Business To Flock To Jersey City, Maybe. Please?

Jersey City Economic Development Corporation is whoring the downtown with a new pitch: Just Like New York, Only Cheaper. Oh wait a second, that's not new. We think maybe the new selling point should be this blog.

In Jersey City, there is no city income tax, corporate tax, payroll tax, or commercial rent tax. Compared to Manhattan, utility rates are 30% lower, operating costs are 35% less, and the average advertised rent for Class A office space is one-third more economical. Jersey City’s tax programs are designed to let you keep the money you’ve earned.

So that makes us like, the corithian leather of places to do business. We feel so dirty.

Things To Do

Dojo-Mojo has a nice summary of things to do in Jersey City this week, just in case you've missed it. Jersey City Vibe also has a full calendar.

Trains To Be Safer, Still Can't Run On Time

In light of the recent attacks in London's subway, the Port Authority and New Jersey Transit would like to remind you that they have spent $100 million dollars improving train safety. Meanwhile, uniformed police are still absent from most trains.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Hoboken To Mr. Softee: You're Fired!

Apparently, Mr. Softee has been under attack from local housewives upset that the noxious odor of ice cream is killing their children. We don't really care either way, but we could do without the jingle.

1.5 By Land, Free if By Sea

In a publicity stunt aimed at stealing riders from the PATH [why wouldn't anyone want to ride the PATH train?], New York Waterway is offering free rides on Friday afternoons. We're holding out for a free helicopter ride.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hoboken Is Charming, Jersey City, Manhattan, Scary

This Is What We Do Now points us to an article in AM New York where a Hoboken retail rat explains why its great to be on our side of the river. We have to say we're ashamed Steve Brown has been taken as a representative sample of local residents:

We don't disagree with Brown that "Brooklyn's got a problem," but we take offense to his lumping downtown Jersey City into his urban bashing. Indeed, Mr. Brown talks about Manhattan like a suburban teenager who for the first time took the train to the big, bad city.

We appreciate that TIWWDN has pointed out: "Steve manages to remind us he has a girlfriend multiple times;...he's really a small-town guy. He also neglects to mention that he can't actually afford to live in the city because he's a 26-year-old who works in retail." But we can't say we're exactly pleased with what else TIWWDN Editor has to say, especially since we tend to think he'd enjoy the night life he hasn't even sampled yet.

Ironically, we found this post via curbed, despite being a semi-regular reader since TIWWDN was founded.

You Know You've Made It When You Make It To Cable

If you thought all the Magazine Style News Programs were New York based, think again. Hudson county has its own. And next week we'll be discussing whether or not local papers have run out of news...


Buyers, Cartographers Flummoxed

One of our readers has pointed us to a real estate listing from the Hoboken Reporter:

"Incredible West Hoboken/ Union City Heights 1yr old 3BR, 2bth, 1600sqft luxury condo w/di rect NYC view. Dead end street, 2 car deeded parking... $795,000. Owner is a li censed RE Agent."

We've been trying to find where this "incredible" property might be and we think we found it: 1868.

Another Day, Another Million Dollar Listing

We understand that most of our readers aren't looking to pluck down a million bucks for a piece of the bubble, but we're still fascinated with million dollar properties.

Van Vorst Park: $1.25 M

Hoboken: $1.1 M

Hamilton Park: $1.3 M


Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Fresh Direct To Clog Streets With Delivery Trucks

It appears Fresh Direct, the online luxury grocery store is now Delivering to Jersey City and Hoboken. We've been waiting for this day for a long time.

We Can't Get Enough Trains

What can we say except that trains make us giddy like a little school boy. Maybe it was all those Santa Clause and Easter Bunny steam train rides we took as a child. Today we came across another Photo Gallery with a number of pictures from Hoboken's New Jersey Transit rail yard and of the light rail. Also included are some pictures of the interior of the Hoboken Terminal, still one of the most beautiful stations we've ever been to.

Light Rail Love


The World To New York: Rejected!

New York has been rejected by the Olympic Selection Committee. Anyone on this side of the Hudson lamenting this decision probably was out of town during Monday night's fireworks display. The traffic that snarled downtown Jersey City Monday between seven and eleven was probably just a taste of what two weeks of Olympic events would have brought to the West Hudson Coast.

How The Other Half Lives: Million Dollar Homes

"Meticulously Renovated" Hamilton Park Loft: $1.15 M

"Delightful" 3/4 Bedroom: $1.2 M

"Immaculate" Brownstone: $1.5M

"Elegant" 2 Family Brownstone: $1.6 M

Ok, Who Flipped the Switch? Power Goes Off In Jersey City

1,900 residents were without power in Journal Square last night, including the beloved Jersey Journal website Finally, reporters have a valid excuse.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Normally, We Aim For The Bicycle Messengers

This weekend, the downtown was invaded by bicycle messengers holding their Cycle Messenger World Championship. If you were preoccupied with drinking beer and waving little American flags, you can check out some pictures on Dojo-Mojo.

Go Blog Yourself

It's time for another round of blogging about blogging: we've found some more local bloggers for you to meet.

Time Capsule
If This Is Paradise..

130 Year Old 111 1st Street Still Standing

The question of whether or not to demolish 111 First Street is still up in the air as the owners argue the building is ready to fall and preservationists claim it can be restored. We tend to think this procrastination is not good for anyone: either replacing or renovating the building is better than allowing it to remain vacant as it is now.

Hoboken Officials Sworn In Ending Battles, Beginning New Ones

This past year's municipal elections certainly was heated with the city going broke, government shutting down, and plenty of mud slinging on everyone's part. But its finally over as Dave Roberts was sworn in for his second term as mayor and his allies on the council took their seats. If you really need to know more about all this, we'd suggest Mister Snitch!'s 2005 Hoboken Municipal Election arhives, or reading about the swearing in ceremonies here, here, here, or here.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Independence Day

See you Tuesday.

Fireworks And All That

Since government workers have off on Monday, we decided we would do the same. But don't cry, dear readers, we've tracked down the elusive Independence Day fireworks information for you. We still think we deserve our own barge off of Newport's coast.

Google Knows Everything

Taking a cue from Gawker, we captured a screen shot of google's advice on metro area houseing:

The verdict is in: Hoboken is more expensive than Manhattan.

Nothing To See, Hear, Here

With the New Jersey Turnpike snaking through Jersey City, and the Holland Tunnel dividing Hoboken and Hamilton Park, quite a number of homes in the area sit adjacent to a highway. The Real Estate Journal points out a few tips for those looking to sell homes in close proximity to major highways.

Views: Grove Street At York Street

Crackheads Ride The Light Rail

A man was arrested for being high on heroin while riding the light rail. The real lesson to be learned: if you are on drugs, make sure you have a valid ticket.

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